apple-watchWhen ads run and you see the next best thing on a preview, it sure is hard to not want to purchase it right away. A statistic that really grabbed us this week is about consumers and exercise devices: 12 percent of consumers plan to buy a wearable fitness monitor over the next year. Within 5 years, 40 percent of consumers plan to do so, and smart thermostats, 3D printers, and HDTVs also rank very high on the list. Home surveillance cameras for safety, and connected car entertainment systems are also high on the list of what consumers really want to purchase over the next year. The Apple watches obviously come under scrutiny: consumers think they will need updating frequently, but that doesn’t stop them from being caught up in the allure of the shiny new wrist piece. One thing is for sure though: a lot of cool stuff comes with it; but for now the smartphone may do more simultaneously.

When in the realm of fitness, it’s evident that everyone does truly “want the next gadget.” And for personal training, some things are going to come out over the next few years that will be the most revolutionary products consumers have seen in awhile. But when consumers today ask themselves certain questions, they wonder what is necessary and what is just cosmetic: this question really arose when cellphones themselves came about. Yes, it was awhile ago already, but remember when cellphones first had the capability to get internet? Even when the connection went up to 3G, things got crazy and providers were already offering different plans. Some capped data and bandwidth, some didn’t; but there was a race on for Nokia, Samsung, and the usual suspects in phone providers that quickly became even more fervent. As far as the necessary upgrades were concerned, the iPhone was all about the camera. Having over a 20 megapixel camera in a phone was all essential when it came out, and the hype over the iPhone was so huge that many consumers didn’t understand what it really offered; but they ran out and got it, due to Apple’s well produced ad campaigns.

When it comes to TV sets, there are a lot of people that upgrade frequently; a little over a decade ago is when it was necessary to make sure you had HDMI ports for streaming devices, and of course the 1080p hi def standard. Now Samsung among others are producing “bendable” TV sets. They are definitely very cool, but do you really need them? Many businesspeople who do a lot of entertaining may feel the need to always have the latest thing in the TV department; if you are the owner of a bar or restaurant it’s important to have good viewing equipment. As far as consumer psychology and the way the money really trickles down, the smartphone department is where consumers have usually been doing whatever it takes to have the newest and fastest device. There is a the general notion that the economy improved greatly lately and people do have money for these devices available, but do they really? Many college students are worried about the loans they are taking out and what will transpire if they can’t find employment when they are done.

Surprisingly, a few individuals are going all the way back to the “stone ages” and getting phones with just talk and text, but we can’t say we recommend that for a good experience; you would lose access to social media. One thing is for sure, the Apple watch craze will be huge and many will buy the gadgets; gauging how much you really need it is always going to be up to the individual. Perhaps if your conscience is tugging at you, supporting a charity that brings new technology to the hands of less fortunate may begin to find that inner peace that.. well lets face it: the gadgets cannot always give you.

SXSW_2015_Family_CMYK-02The event of the year that keeps getting bigger and bigger is just starting right now again in Austin. It began in 1987, and has grown more epically and gigantic than any other festival similar to it. The music is the main draw of course, but now interactive events, 9 days of film, and over 2,200 performers in over 100 different venues. Growing from 700 registrants during its early beginnings to now over 12,000, many acts make the trek every year in hopes of being truly discovered, picked up on one of the event’s prominent You Tube channels, and planted in front of many of the hippest faces in the nation. John Mayer’s performance here 15 years ago led to him being signed with a label, and The Flaming Lips have played a secret show at SXSW that many think was one of the top moments ever in music festival history. This year will no doubt be the biggest yet, so we’ve rounded up some of the top events that we believe will take the cake.

Keynote speaker this year: Snoop Dogg

This multi-platinum artist and icon knows so much about digital ventures, selling millions of albums, and marketing that he is
truly a legendary speaker. He has released 12 albums since 1993, has a new album coming out May 12th produced by Pharrell, and is truly a king of hip hop music. Discovered by Dr. Dre and recently converting to the Rastafari movement, he’s an expert on documentary making, reality TV, and even coaches a high school football team. The first artist to release a track as a ringtone in 2007, the things any musician or product marketer could learn from him are endless.

Episodics Screenings, Vimeo Theater

Inspired by SXSW programming from previous years, these screenings are going to be packed wall to wall. With informative Q and A sessions after each one with talent, creators and crew members, this year’s offerings look way above average. With features Angie Tribeca from Steve and Nancy Carrell, The Comedians from Billy Crystal, Izombie from Rob Thomas, UnREAL from the creators of Mad Men, and USA series with Christian Slater Mr. Robot, this year’s offerings will be pure awesome. The same forum that screened Bates Motel and the hit HBO series Girls, these nights are going to be fun, enjoyable, and a peek at some of the hottest programming out there.

Free Spotlight Showcases 2015

One huge highlight of the festival, these shows are even open to those without guest passes. Cheer up Charlie’s and No Play music are presenting Shivery Shakes, New York City Queens, and more on March 17th, and at The Red Eyed Flu is The Last Year, Shilpa Ray, and Comrade Question. Another huge deal is Spoon and Charles Bradley at Lady Bird Lake on March 19th, and at Emo’s on the same date you can see legendary Wavves and The Twilight Sad. Our pick for March 20th is Ryan Bingham and Luther Dickinson at Lady Bird Lake; this is going to be one killer lineup. On Saturday the 21st, there is so much to choose from in the realm of free events! You have Soul Track Mind and Con Brio at The Palm Door, The Beat Academy and Little Simz at The Velveeta Room, and Shattered Sun and Headcrusher at The Dirty Dog. But our pick has to go to legendary act The Church and Swervedriver, playing at Emo’s that night. Both top notch acts that have a shoegaze sound, this is one show that will kill it at an already fantastic week of musical happenings.

Official website:

Hard French is turning 5 this year and what better way to celebrate than with an ALL YEAR LONG anniversary! This year’s theme is “Higher and Higher” – and one thing we can reveal is “Spinderella” a.k.a. “Spin,” of the multiplatinum, award-winning female group “Salt N Pepa” will be joining them on May 16th to create the biggest and best dance party experience yet!

About Hard French
Hard French is an outdoor daytime soul music dance party that sets out to modernize, takeover, revamp, trick out, revive, and do up the dance party experience. The HF crew is made up of producer Devon Devine, art directors Jorge P. and Tim T., and DJs Brown Amy and Carnita. The event brings a fresh perspective to the SF party scene – focusing on a genuine experience through creativity, magic and the value of dancing your heart out to your favorite song. Recently awarded ‘Best Monthly Party’ from the California Music and Culture Association, HF also has ‘Best in SF’ awards from the SF Bay Guardian, SF Weekly and Asterisk Magazine.

About DJ Spinderella
Although she now prefers to be called “Spin” the fans, specifically those into Hip Hop and Pop music, know her of course, as the irrepressible, fun, funky and talented “DJ Spinderella” of the sexy female group Salt-N-Pepa of multi-platinum selling, award winning fame. Her appearances have included “Late Night with David Letterman,” “The Tonight Show,” VH1’s “The List,” and most recently Quincy Jones’ VH1 special, a five part series “Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America.” Those early appearances led Spin to also host her own MTV show, “Lip Service”. The world famous DJ has hosted various radio shows as well. Learn more

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MCLYTE_PVAMULegendary lyricist, DJ, voice over talent, actress, entertainer and icon, MC Lyte offered nothing less than words of encouragement and inspiration to the students of Prairie View A&M University on Monday, February 23rd.

In support of PVAMU’s Black History program “Black Lives Matter” event, MC Lyte was warmly received as students waited in anticipation for her to take the stage with her words of wisdom.

About MC Lyte
Lyricist, pioneer, icon, inspirational speaker, veteran and entrepreneur describe one of the most prolific and well-respected female Hip Hop artists of our time: MC Lyte. A pioneer in the industry, she opened the door for future female Hip Hop artists by daring to do what had never been done while doing something she loved. MC Lyte has graced network television as well as the big screen and she has been the voice behind the VH1 Hip Hop Honors and national campaigns for Wherehouse Music, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Nike. Learn more

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Vietnam Veteran and Ohio native, Michael McCormick opens up about his experience in Vietnam in Across The Pond. With a creative thumb for storytelling and as a troop serving in the Vietnam War, McCormick shares his story with the world. Across The Pond is an insightful novel that invites readers to journey with McCormick as he reflects on his time spent in Vietnam in 1967 through 1968 and his life after the war. The novel is available as a free e-book download on, Amazon, and Goodreadsat

Across The Pond echoes the story of a many young Americans who fought in the Vietnam War and often faced rejection once they returned home. At the age of 19, McCormick was awarded the Silver Star Medal and the Purple Heart. After the war, he earned a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Clinical Psychology. Based on his experience as a U.S. Marine who served in combat, McCormick’s accounts have resonated within the hearts of many.

With 5 out of 5 star ratings flooding in, Across The Pond has garnered the attention of fans from all over the globe speaking praise of the Vietnam War novel — even from Ron Kovic, author of Born on the 4th of July.

“This little book grips the reader from the beginning and does not let go. It is written with the violence and fury of Leon Uris’s Battle Cry, and the tenderness and compassion of a simple poet…. It is a poignant reminder that many of the stories of that war are yet to be told. I believe it will be recognized as one of the important books to come out of that war and McCormick will rank with the other writers of his generation, equaling their intensity, integrity, and impact…With an emotional intensity that is sometimes overwhelming, Across the Pond is a short, violent, extremely powerful forty-two-page ride through hell that you will never forget.” - Author, Ron Kovic

Rave reviews continue to pour in from dedicated followers of Michael McCormick. The support from other veterans, and Vietnam War enthusiasts have been cornerstones in the decision of McCormick to share his story.

“An outstanding book that disclosed the history of the Vietnam War. I could not put the book down. The actions and the suspense captivated my attention from the very first page,” said Peter Crooks. “Across The Pond by Michael McCormick is a masterpiece, that I must recommend.”

Natasha Moore also adds, “I have always been fascinated with the Vietnam War and I was extremely excited to find Across The Pond. This book was full of emotion, drama and suspense. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the Vietnam War, the era surrounding it or just a plain good novel.”

For more information on Michael McCormick and his novel Across The Pond or to request an interview, please visit:


About Michael McCormick

photo 3Charles Michael McCormick grew up in Ohio, USA. Not long after, he was drafted to fight for his country in the Vietnam War. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Silver Star Medal for combat action during the Vietnam War. Upon returning to the states in 1969, he went on to pick up the piecesof the life he once left behind — Only to come back to a life that was not so welcoming. McCormick went on to earn his B.A. in Psychology and his M.A. in Clinical Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California. After many accomplishments, he wanted to share the truth of what really happened during his time fighting in the Vietnam War. He took to paper to release his experiences and developed Across The Pond, a story based on his own personal experiences as a U.S. Marine serving in Vietnam. McCormick now resides in Oakland, California as a Psychotherapist.


Los Angeles, CA – February 17, 2015 — With a goal to inspire ethnic equality and universal values that convey positive, uplifting messages, SplitMoonArts Founders Adil and Kamil Imtiaz used their artistic talents to create a new Muslim superhero. “BURAAQ,” a solid character that is set to make waves in the entertainment industry, embodies the true spirit of Islam.

The new character embraces humanity, justice, and tolerance through a series of action-packed comic books. The BURAAQ 3D Animated series, “The Rise of A Hero” crowdfunding campaign, will launch on March 2nd through LaunchGood. In anticipation, fans are signing up at for the latest news and updates.

“Our central theme always revolves around Islamic values that are universal, and moral code that is inherent in all major religions. This, of course, is packaged with the elements of mystery, action, and adventure. We want readers to have fun and at the same time be reminded of our higher purpose in this life. We like to stay away from ambiguity and convey a clear, positive and inspirational message.” – SplitMoonArts

Introduced in 2011 in San Jose, California, “BURAAQ” aims to dispel the myths and negativity surrounding the Islamic culture. A talented team, Adil and Kamil felt as though there were not many Muslim comic book characters in mainstream entertainment, so they took it upon themselves to create one – a superhero character for all to enjoy. “BURAAQ,” the comic book series is available on the SplitMoonArts website:

Adil and Kamil spent their childhood days drawing comics for fun – little did they know, their artistic skills once used for fun, would turn into a driving force to deliver a global, positive message. This is a comic book story with a real, inspirational background. What sets SplitMoonArts and their idea of BURAAQ apart from the rest is their ambition to change the way Muslims are perceived through mainstream media and entertainment.

“BURAAQ” has made an impact on audiences of all backgrounds around the world and has gained the attention of global press. Its proven success has led SplitMoonArts to take their character to the next level. A high-quality 3D animated series is in the works for “BURAAQ” and readers are thrilled.

About SplitMoonArts
In the past few years, we began to realize that there were very few positive Islamic characters in the world of mainstream entertainment. Be it movies, TV, books or comics. Especially after 9/11, Muslims were being portrayed in a negative way by the mainstream media. That’s when we had a strong urge to use our artistic skills and produce something inspirational for the Muslim youth. We used to draw comics even as kids, and grew up reading Marvel and DC comics. Our Artistic interests withered away with time as personal life took priority. Until now! Hollywood pushed us to rediscover our passion for art and storytelling. We wanted to tell our side of the story. We wanted to have our own Superhero, a hero that would symbolize the universal values of Islam; to stand up for truth, and justice.

Official website:



Jim Jinelli Marketing Photo Concert

Los Angeles, CA — January 27, 2015 — It was a sad day in August of 1977 for Elvis Presley fans. The iconic singer died too soon. With nothing left, but his legacy, fans held on to his memory, until now. Jim Jinelli, a Chicago native, magically recreates the music and concert experience of “The King,” with powerful vocals and a presence just that of the late singer. Jinelli’s production, “Elvis: A Concert Experience,” is so real and liberating it will leave you in disbelief. For more information on “Elvis: A Concert Experience,” visit

Jinelli performs to many sold out crowds, from cultural and performing arts centers, to the 31st Annual Elvis Presley Fan Club Convention in Orlando. Starting on Sunday, February 8th he will turn back time with his one-of-a-kind tribute to Elvis at Catherine Hickman Theater in Gulfport, Florida.

Other upcoming performances include:

February 22 at Saenger Theater in Hattiesburg, MS
March 1 at Averitt Center for the Arts in Statesboro, GA
March 8 at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC
March 15 at Mount Dora Community Building in Mount Dora, FL
March 21 at Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary, FL
March 22 at Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary, FL
April 10 at Community Theatre of Greensboro in Greensboro, NC
April 11 at Community Theatre of Greensboro in Greensboro, NC
June 10 at Marlowe’s in Memphis, TN
July 5 at Pensacola Little Theatre in Pensacola, FL

The production will consist of covers from the touring concert years of 1971-1977. Jinelli will capture the hearts of loyal fans as he displays the exact charm and charisma of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” At the age of thirteen, Jim saw Elvis in concert for the first time at the Chicago Stadium and from that point on; he knew the kind of performer he wanted to be. But, little did he know, he would later on perform tributes to the late King.

With a dedicated following, Jim Jinelli has become a seasoned professional with a rare career track record. He has collaborated with many people who knew and worked alongside Elvis Presley including Jerry Schilling, Joe Esposito, Sonny West, Dick Grob, D.J. Fontana, and Scotty Moore to name a few.

Not only is Jinelli a star on stage, he is a star in the hearts of many special individuals. He works diligently to raise money for various charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project. He has also performed at fundraisers for children’s charities, homeless missions, hurricane and tornado victims, cancer research benefits, volunteer fire departments, and seniors and veterans organizations.

About Jim Jinelli
Jim Jinelli is a professional musician and has created a mesmerizing tribute concert memorializing Elvis Presley. With his powerful, commanding voice, remarkable vocal range and natural vibrato, Jim captures that unique “Elvis” sound. Seizing the passion of every song, evoking the magic of the phenomenon known as the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Come delight in the experience of a reproduction of Elvis’ music and stage presence so accurate that all of us may suspend belief, as the saying goes, “Elvis has left the building.”

Official website:

Secret Music Cover 1600x1600 FinalLos Angeles, CA – January 13, 2015 – An incredibly talented singer and songwriter, Denver musician Amy Kress has released her debut album, “Secret Music.” Armed with an amazingly beautiful voice and inspiring lyrics, Amy delivers a unique contemporary pop experience and creatively unfolds the album’s underlying message of love, happiness, and inspiration. “Secret Music,” is now available at all major music outlets including Amazon, Spotify and iTunes at:

Produced by The Spot Studios (Denver, CO), “Secret Music” explores much of Amy’s personal life. Her ongoing battle with breast cancer was a primary driving force behind the unveiling of her musical talent. Diagnosed in 2011, Amy pushed her passion for singing and songwriting to the forefront – teaming with Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop of The Spot Studios for a series of singles and the new album. Musically gifted since childhood, tapping her creativity to compose new music was like second nature to Kress.

“Music has always been the language of my soul. I lose myself in it, it’s my meditation and my place of peace. No matter the circumstances I can always turn to music to ease my mind.” – Amy Kress

Written and co-produced by Kress, “Secret Music” features 14-tracks – a collection of songs and scraps of music she stored over the years. Her pop-infused single, “Numb” unleashes a relentless character searching for fulfillment while another fan favorite “The Way I Want You” offers a soulful ballad. Recognized for her distinct vocal ability, one fan noted, “Your voice and music, oh so refreshing and soulful, accentuating beauty even more-so through your voice. I’m hooked!”

Amy’s heart-felt performance of the single, “The Crush” at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver – left the crowd eager for more of her music. Currently in the studio working on her second album, Amy Kress is also gearing up for a series of performance engagements in support of “Secret Music.”

About Amy Kress
Amy Kress is a talented Canadian born singer and songwriter living in Denver, Colorado. Until three years ago she was a “secret musician” only playing at home alone or to her kids and dogs. Things may have very well continued along that path forever until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. That event changed her life when she realized her passion needed to be explored to its fullest before it was too late. In September 2013 she began recording her debut album, “Secret Music” based largely on her “secret” scraps of music she had been collecting over the years. Now, actively battling cancer for the second time, Amy is writing her second album.

Official website:


Rony's Insomnia Band
Los Angeles, CA – January 5, 2015 - New York alternative rock band Rony’s Insomnia recently kicked off their Europe tour in support of the newly released album, “Count To Ten.” Led by front woman and guitarist Rony Corcos, the band will tour Europe through the first week in February with stops in Reykjavik (Iceland), London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Tel Aviv. Known for the eclectic mix of emotionally themed ballads and acoustic rock, Rony’s Insomnia is performing several songs from the album including their first single, “Seven Minutes.”

Consisting of band members: Rony Corcos (vocals/guitar), John Naeder (guitar/keyboard), Jordan Lipp (drums) and Yvans Jean-Michel (bass); Rony’s Insomnia has played several festival and venues in the New York area and have garnered a loyal audience throughout the city. Written and composed by Rony, “Seven Minutes,” is a mesmerizing tune that balance’s her broad vocal range and illuminates her musical talent. The official “Seven Minutes” music video is available on Youtube at:

About Rony’s Insomnia
Rony’s Insomnia is a New York based rock band led by Israeli artist and front woman Rony Corcos (Singer-Songwriter, Lead Guitarist and Producer). The band includes John Naeder (Guitar and Keys), Jordan Lipp (Drums) and Yvans Jean-Michel (Bass). Rony’s music was said to be emotional, intelligent, cinematic and epic. In her songs, Rony combines elements from her origins (Israel), from her Rock&Roll core and from years of playing Jazz and Blues professionally. Being a pioneer in today’s lead female guitarist movement, a virtuoso on the Electric Guitar and voice and equipped with an incredibly talented group of musicians – Rony’s Insomnia is a must see performance.

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sbwire-76485-screenLos Angeles, CA – Tuesday, December 16, 2014 With the recently released, “Numb” single under her belt, Colorado area singer and songwriter Amy Kress has announced the official release date for her much anticipated first album, “Secret Music.” A exceptionally talented vocalist and overall musician, Amy’s new project invites you to experience part of her life’s journey presented through a collection of 14 songs that touch on love, happiness and inspiration. “Secret Music,” debuts on Tuesday, January 13th and will be available at all major music outlets including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. You can pre-order the album now on iTunes and receive the previously released singles for free at:

Produced by The Spot Studios (Denver, CO), “Secret Music” explores much of Amy’s creativity as she wrote the album and was directly involved in its production. “The Secret Music refers to the fact that it was largely written without me playing it for friends or family,” said Amy. “Many friends didn’t even know I was recording or if they did it was just thought of as a quirky hobby of mine.”

Currently, Kress – who has been busy promoting the album with several performance dates throughout the city – is continuing to serve as an inspiration for others by pursuing her dream, in spite of her ongoing battle with breast cancer. She dedicates time to blog about her journey on and her own website, and is a voice for others in her community. The concept of Secret Music also served as a form of healing and therapy for Kress.

With four previously released singles from the album and a seemingly effortless live performance at Herman’s Hideaway of her second single, “The Crush” (check it out at, Amy Kress has created quite a stir. She has received glowing reviews noting her incredibly enticing voice and the heart-felt messages embedded within her music. A recent review from Tim Wenger of Colorado Music Buzz states, “… I was treated to an unusually personal and eccentric collection of songs that exposed the heart of a woman exploring mindful expression without boundary. Her voice is soft, but maintains authority over the backing music. The music itself varies greatly from track to track – this is not one of those records where every song sounds the same.”

About Amy Kress

“The healer told me that I wasn’t fulfilling what my soul needed. I was, in her words, a flower in the desert that had no water. I was starving for something to feed my soul and I needed to make a change. I needed to express myself. I needed to create and I needed to put it out there. The most important thing she said to me is that not everyone is ready to hear what I have to put out there. Don’t worry about it. The people that are, are the ones I’m playing for.” – Amy Kress

Life is what happens between the lines and at times it’s hard to handle much less share with others. All of the great artists manage to bridge this gap though and Amy Kress is one of the few with this unique gift. Kress is the unlikely star; the mother, the wife, the survivor, and her story is an inspiring one.

Official website:

DonnieP_CatchAMouse_1800x2700Los Angeles, CA – Tuesday, December 2, 2014 – Serial entrepreneur and franchisor, Donnie P has announced the release of his new book, “How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese.” After years of successfully launching and operating several businesses, most recently becoming a franchisor in 2012 and selling his first franchise in 2013, Donnie P, a Louisiana native sought to compile his experiences and knowledge into a valuable resource for aspiring business owners.

“How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese,” is a helpful tool filled with lessons and first-hand accounts of business experiences, life and entrepreneurship — additionally offering a “how-to” approach on launching a business and how to prosper with little-to-no financial resources. The book also provides useful tips and strategies to serve as a guide for new business owners. The book is now available on Amazon with an ebook version available on Kindle and/or his official website:

With over 20 years of business ownership experience, Donnie P continues to apply five life-changing principles that are guaranteed to grant success. These five principles: Faith, Truth, Self-Awareness, Self Determination and Service, are the backbone of “How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese,” – each principle offering a valuable reference on how it can be used to make your business dreams come true. Filled with real world examples and recipes for success, Donnie P’s new book is an excellent resource for budding entrepreneurs.

donnie_pAbout Donnie P
Donnie P., a serial entrepreneur and native of Jeanerette, Louisiana, realized early in his professional business career that he was equipped with the necessary drive and determination that would allow him to start businesses—from the ground up—without any money. He used these tools and, immediately upon graduation from Southern University A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he established Community Case Management, an adolescent substance abuse counseling service. Soon after, he would also create Preventive Medical Center, a community-based provider of medical health services. Later, Mr. P would hone his entrepreneurial knowledge and skills by founding A Plus Home Care Services, a non-medical, in-home healthcare company that focuses on elder care and support. Mr. P credits the success of A Plus Home Care Services to his unparalleled motivation and perseverance. During A Plus Home Care Services’ infancy, he assumed every role that was required to effectively run the business. He became an expert in the areas of finance, sales, marketing, and operations.

Official website:


CBACome Back Alice will be performing at this year’s Bear Creek Music & Art Festival on Saturday, November 15th. The 4-day festival will be held November 13th through 16th just north of Live Oak, Florida at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park and will features an incredible lineup of bands, performers and artists. In addition to their upcoming appearance at Bear Creek, Come Back Alice is currently touring and prepping for their national album and music video release.

About Come Back Alice
Come Back Alice is a soulfully southern gypsy funk band whose lively concert performances feature unforgettable remnants of rhythmic funk fused with elements of gypsy jazz. With a musical style that’s truly their own, Come Back Alice is one of the most popular bands to swept through the Southeast. With the release of their much anticipated debut album forthcoming, Come Back Alice is continuing to turn heads with their exceptional performances and unique collection of sound.

Official website:

Amy Kress - HQ Photo 1Singer-songwriter Amy Kress will be performing at Westword Best of the West 6 on Saturday, November 15th at 8pm at Herman’s Hideaway. The event features 60+ of the hottest and most up and coming acts in Colorado. It is also the first of several rounds of competition with the winner receiving – a main stage performance for Film on the Rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater, a main stage performance at Westword Music Showcase in downtown Denver, an official Jagermeister endorsement, a studio recording package, $4,000 cash and a performance at the Deep Eddy Vodka Showcase during SXSW in 2016.

With the forthcoming release of her new album, “Secret Music” debuting this fall, singer-songwriter Amy Kress continues to inspire others through her music. Mixed with a combination of energetic, modern day pop and hints of contemporary soul, Amy’s heart-felt lyrics and riveting vocals tell amazing stories of triumph and happiness.

Official website:

mobile_paymentIn the race to make wallets obsolete and just use smart phones for payment, the realm now covers bill paying applications as well. In 2008, Dwolla seriously disrupted the industry when they launched and were all about figuring out a way to use the internet to exchange payments without high trade fees. At the time, the CEO’s e commerce company in Iowa was generating about 1.5 million dollars in sales, but paying around 55,000 dollars in credit card interchange fees. They realized that it was an expense comparable to what some businesses paid for their leased space, and pushed ahead with their dream.

The interest really sparked here was not getting rid of all the big boys in the realm of competition, but going to work on some of the inefficient aspects of the existing alternatives. Many out there feel that money truly has the same qualities as raw data, and therefor you should not have to pay fees when exchanging it online. With many of the participants being from Silicon Valley, there are many processors, providers, and parties that can stand in the way of this free commerce idea. The processing done on the back end is by companies like First Data, and they are relatively safe for a few years. However, The MSP’s, or merchant service providers, are the ones who lend businesses a hand in the setup process in their journey to accepting credit cards. These and the hardware providers could be under a little pressure to survive from the following 3 applications that are stepping up their game.


Apple Pay

This will incorporate an Apple watch, an Iphone 6 or 6 plus, and will be great for business people that are focused on walking away from analog seeming receipts and the clutter of it all. With a lofty goal of truly replacing the consumer’s wallet, and streamlining the smart phone paying process, it looks promising. They have rounded up Visa, Amex, and Mastercard for now, the triage of heavy hitters needed to get potential users to pay attention. Ambitiously working hard to get support on other continents, this is going to be one app that many people will swipe their fingers over their device for. Right at the launch, there are 22,000 companies including Disney, Mcdonalds, Panera Bread, Petco, and Whole Foods that are willing and ready partners. This will absolutely propel us into the future we once saw only on the big screen.


3,000,000 users, more than 250,000 merchants, and payments upwards of $10 billion, this service was started in 2009 by the co founder of Twitter. During 2012, Starbucks sank some cash into the deal, and they were also known for a simple setup process. You just get the app for your device, connect your bank account, and order the card swipe in the mail. Once that is in your hands you are ready to insert it into the headphone jack and you are ready to grow your business. The biggest points that this app gets from our review is the ease of the interface. It is laid out so plainly that this is perhaps what users really envisioned when they saw in their minds’ eye the payment processing of the future. There is not a startup cost associated with this app, another attractive feature. There are no credit checks for this application, and you are able to get started fairly quickly. This is just one of the options available that we predict to become more and more popular over time.


Billed by more than a few as the easiest mobile processing app they have ever used, It relies on photos instead of a card reader. It is said to be the fastest and most convenient for a few different reasons. Right now they are only processing Visa and Mastercard, but are favored by many vendors. If you give them a bit of detailed information about your business, you can get a higher weekly processing limit, and one of the only drawbacks is the Discover/Amex processing dilemma. The speed at which transactions are processed is said to be on the extreme high end, and Flint wins over many vendors. From Redwood, California and getting it’s start in 2011, they are backed by heavy hitting investors like Storm Ventures, SVG, and Verizon Ventures. They will absolutely be one to watch in terms of card reading/ solutions without the headaches of a usual processor.

TheRideFINALwebAcclaimed singer songwriter Jay Jacobson has announced the release today of his fifth full-length studio album, the eagerly awaited CD titled, “The Ride”. Known for his amazing tenor voice and ability to connect with his audience through his beautifully composed songs, Jay Jacobson’s latest effort is an album that delivers a one-of-a-kind experience of emotional trip-hop, electronic dance and soulful ballads set against modern day pop influences. “The Ride” is now available on iTunes at: Amazon, CD Baby and several other online retail outlets.

From the personal heart tugging ballad, “Maybe One Day”, to the whimsical exuberance of “Taking the Long Way Home”, and the infectious dance anthem, “Animal”, “The Ride” is an emotional roller coaster ride of 11 all-original tracks which shed a unique spotlight on life’s exhilarating journey. Each song perfectly expressed through Jay’s thought-provoking lyrics have the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

The album has received glowing reviews noting Jay’s impeccable vocals and the powerful messages embedded within his music:

“Having a well layered background akin to a large act like Coldplay… incredibly radio friendly and has a very large potential for listener reach. I heard a voice that loves not only theatrical novelty, but spreading happiness as well. A warm and influential record, listening should evoke a high risk of encountering gentle tones, warm vibes, and desire to hit repeat.” – HyPursuit

“Jay Jacobson makes a memorable impression… There are classical influences as well as soaring vocals. He has an amazing tenor voice that glides between melodies. All the piano parts are beautifully rendered that they sound magical… uplifting… artfully crafted… You better pick this recording and the rest of his albums because I am sure you will love his kind of music!” – Sphere Music

“Jay Jacobson does an awesome job in the vocals department, hitting such high notes that I could only imagine hitting in my lifetime.” – Indigo Indie

“…bouncy-ness of beats that keeps the music fresh and alive… Jay Jacobson has the talent and style that is indeed worth that listen, because it jumps at you each time you hear it.” – Nataliez WorldIn 

In addition to the new CD, Jay Jacobson will also release the official music videos for a few of the CD’s singles this fall.

About Jay Jacobson

A Los Angeles based singer and songwriter (originally from Philadelphia), Jay Jacobson, has released five full length CDs of his original music which have been played on radio and podcasts around the world. He was recently named “The One to Watch” on the “Off the Charts” UK radio show. His CD, “Ready”, includes the Top Ten internationally charting single, “Boy”. In 2010 he released his first music video for the song, “Love is Love”, (from his CD “Revelations”) which created a buzz (including stories in USA Today Online, On Top Magazine, and Towleroad), and went on to win multiple awards in film festivals. Jay wrote, performed and produced a hugely successful live one-man-show, “Mental Creatures”, which followed the journeys of three different people (a young painter, a widowed woman, and an elderly man) along with several supporting characters, weaving songs from his catalogue of CDs throughout the show. This critically acclaimed show and audience favorite had a successful six week run in Hollywood, California at “The Lounge Theater 2″. It was his first play as a writer or producer.

Official website:

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