A Review of Ditto Music Label Services

April 23, 2014

by Jon Weirman

ditto music A Review of Ditto Music Label ServicesIf you are an aspiring recording artist with dreams of making it big in the music industry, you have a potential route to success that simply wasn’t there just two decades ago. With the help of Ditto Music, it is now possible to start your very own record label. Some industry-leading services and the guidance of music professionals can open up a world of possibilities, and you don’t need to sign away your rights to royalties in the process.

Get your music played on the radio

Getting your tracks onto a radio station’s playlist can be the catalyst for a successful career in the music business. Ditto Music offers a radio plugging service that aims to get your tracks in front of the most prominent, in-demand pluggers around. These guys are inundated with requests from aspiring artists, but Ditto has working relationships with them – giving your music a fighting chance of grabbing the attention of the right people. Ditto can introduce you to the pluggers who are most likely to identify with your work – the first step to winning a prized spot on radio playlists.

Expert public relations

Forging a career in music is only partly about the quality of your material and live performances. You will also need to create hype around you as an artist. Ditto Music has developed close working relationships with many of the most illustrious names in the world of public relations. These PR executives and organisations can get your biography onto the most popular music blogs around. This can get people listening to your music and identifying with you as an artist – both essential aspects of a fledgling career in the industry.

The expert assistance of a top music producer

Although your music may have potential, it may still be a little rough around the edges – lacking the professional polish a top producer provides. Ditto Music has open lines of communication with several of the UK’s top music professionals. This puts you in touch with the person who is right for you and your material. And working with a revered producer could attract the attention of the major labels.

Produce a professional music video

Ditto Music has a proven track record of progressing the career of aspiring musicians. One of the ways the experts at Ditto guide their clients to success is by teaming them up with some of the top video directors around. Anyone looking to make it in the 21st-century music industry needs to have a video. Exposure on sites such as YouTube and Vevo can give you a worldwide audience, but it’s important that your music video does justice to your material.

Ditto has access to a comprehensive list of video directors and producers. Depending on your style and genre, you will be introduced to the individual who is best placed to create a music video that befits your work and persona.

A range of services to suit most budgets

You may have a fixed budget in mind for the promotion of your music career, but it’s vital that you use it effectively. To that end, Ditto Music has developed a range of off-the-shelf products designed to let you be the master of your own music destiny. Ditto Music can:

  • Deal with all your press releases
  • Pitch your videos for an illustrious spot on VEVO’s front page
  • Create a coherent marketing strategy for your latest release
  • Manage the marketing of your career across all media outlets
  • Take charge of all areas of your fledgling career in the music industry
  • Formulate and execute an effective social media campaign

The music industry is a cut-throat business, and talent alone is not enough to get you on the map. Ditto offers label services based on relationships with key professionals in today’s music scene. If you want to give your own career a kick-start, Ditto could be the answer.

 The Advantages of Tumblr; The Blog Hosting Platform with many BenefitsLaunched in early 2007, Tumblr is a blog hosting platform that instantly saw 75,000 users and was acquired early on by Yahoo. One of the platforms that users really swear by for feed features and tweakability, it is not just blogs that are spread around here; there are also images and video. The service is known for making it incredibly easy to share content, and find people that share the same interests in news, topics, or reach of genre.

The iPhone app launched 4 years ago is widely used and loved, and Now there is an app for Google Glass as well. The differences between Tumblr and platforms to blog like WordPress is that Tumblr is actually the social network to go along with it; Tumblr is blogs within blogs, and the ability to interact between writers. One of the main traits of Tumblr is that it is not just you putting the material out there; it is also the vast network of others spreading around material and more room to elaborate than on a quick Tweet.

Development options that won’t give you difficulty

After you create your page and choose a theme, the ad platform support and the way in which everything is created is not a headache in the least. Once you decide on a theme that you really enjoy, there are not many issues with compatibility, as all offered themes are approved, and not just rogue plugins without any up-datable features.

Tumblr provides you with a unique email address as well, which can even enable you to leave a simple audio post from your phone, which could be in the form of a rant, topic, or an excerpt of music. Even the ability to have a custom domain name for the blog is a big plus for when you are getting users to find you organically.

Reasons to use Tumblr for Business

The dashboard that Tumblr has for blogging easily allows users to connect to other social media like Facebook and Twitter, where you can quickly cross promote and engage users that favor those sites instead. The tagging system in place for Tumblr is great for categorizing, and just slightly different than YouTube. You have a very nice way to pitch products to people who are following you, and the means to do this reaches a bit further than just one specific channel, and is even different than the “retweet” feature on Twitter.

Currently hosting about 120 million blogs, this avenue has grown so much lately that there are also huge potentials for SEO and marketing, and it is truly one of the easiest ways to spread your business name around the global web. One of the best ways to set up small mirror and microsites as well, these can be very handy to redirect traffic to a landing page, or unique new URL.

SEO benefits of Tumblr

Getting listed on the first page of Google can be a puzzle in itself that takes time, and hopefully not too many underhanded tactics by the marketer. Having others shout out and comment about your content or blogs is invaluable, as all the search engines abide by this rule. Another great demographic of Tumblr is that half of its users are under the age of 25. Wow! This is one prized aspect of the medium; what better way to succeed in what you want to do with marketing than having the trendiest and most cutting edge eyes looking at your content?

It is also among the list of the top 15 most visited websites in the US, and the “dofollow” backlinks that you can plant on your own and generate are good for true traffic back, and not the same as “black hat” planting tricks for SEO that may originally generate traffic, but ultimately hurt your brand and URL’s status. Throw in on top of everything that teens are coming to this medium quicker than ever, and you have one great social media site that offers many advantages for the current marketer.

Ugo Lord: When Your World Has Turned Upside Down

April 18, 2014

by Jon Weirman

“Has there ever been a moment in your life where you felt as though your world was turned completely upside down? ”

On the latest episode of The Ugo Lord Show, Ugo talks about regaining control over your life by eliminating stress and negativity. Check out the latest episode of The Ugo Lord Show at

About The Ugo Lord Show
The Ugo Lord Show is a program that allows viewers to learn how to consistently take the best steps forward in life to help ensure they achieve their greatest potential. Together, Ugo and his viewers take a journey towards self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-empowerment as he shares stories of those who have triumphed despite coming face-to-face with the most impossible of odds.

3 Top Productivity Apps for Busy Musicians

April 16, 2014

by Jon Weirman

To be fair, there are so many applications out there that would make a musician’s life easier, it is hard to start the process or even narrow them down. The actual recording process has so many different apps that many of them could be claimed upon to be number one. The acts of booking, traveling, and organizing raw data are always necessary for a musician on the go, and so are tracking sales. One common desire for the musician on the go is to be able to get their smartphone, link up with their geographical destinations, track their ordered gear, and perhaps find DIY hubs to play basement shows or parties. We will look at 3 of the best apps for Musicians here, and the ways in which they speed things up for you on the go or while taking a break in the practice or recording room.

guitar tuna app 3 Top Productivity Apps for Busy MusiciansGuitarTuna Free Tuner

This advertisement supported version of a great tuner is perfect for if you forget your electric clip on or pedal. There are microphone sensitivity parameters, auto tuning and many more features. As far as productivity goes, it’s a great way to actually have more time creating songs, as there are many bands that will actually spend a lot of extra time trying to tune. Having a digital app makes it that much quicker, and this one is chromatic. There is nothing like being on stage and noticing that you dropped out of tune, and during practice as well, a true musician’s annoyance. it’s so easy to just pick up a smartphone and wait until the color green comes up to tell you when you are in tune; a true productivity blessing.


hum songwriting app 3 Top Productivity Apps for Busy MusiciansHum; A new addition to the landscape from the Twin Cities

Founders Aaron Shekey and Joseph Kuefler launched a new tool that combines some very important tasks for combining essential tasks. There are so many apps out there that focus on looping, additives, and affects; and trust us these are great apps. But this one focuses on the nuances and additives that a songwriter may organically want to produce a melody or convey a steady stream of ideas. You can share ideas with bandmates and friends, and store a very elaborate scheme of sketches in a diverse digital landscape. Many testers collaborated on this journey and with one of its creators hailing from Adobe itself, this is one treasure of the current offerings available.


master tour eventric 3 Top Productivity Apps for Busy MusiciansHandling the Road with Prowess: Master Tour

One big burst of productivity and organization is exactly what this great app is all about, with guest lists, a live marketplace, web access to itinerary, and exclusive deals with places to stay are all perks. It’s a great place to share files, get your travel plans in order, and share your happenings with PR or the management team. They are going to be waiting for updates from you on the road, and this is absolutely one of the best ways to do it. There is a wizard-like default scheduling feature that saves you massive time, and has detailed records of over 5000 venues across the globe. Since travel has become so complex, you can merge flight, bus, van and other info all in one easy organizational rule; this is a true full service application that will make your down time on the road all that easier in the organizational realm.


Social Media Profiles 5 Things to Make Your Social Media Profile AttractiveWhether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or beyond, there are a few things that can make your profile stand out from others. Design elements, keeping things current, and other things you can do to make your profile attractive are going to put you WAY above the others in terms of getting page views. It can be a hard formula to master completely, but it is easy to spot those who are doing it the wrong way. Putting some true life behind your content, design, and interactivity always shows strong to anyone new looking at the page. Posting content that really gets viewers engaged and coming back to your page to see what’s happening next is optimum; this kind of traffic will always be the most coveted. If you master a few key things about social media, you can really boost your brand’s outreach: here are a few fine points to get you started.

Design Elements:

It is still true that an incredibly generic background will stand out with great content. Particularly on Twitter, a standard background with informative links and Tweets will still get visitors coming to the page on a regular basis to check on your brand’s progress and innovation. But even a simple and large image left justified, logo or example of your brand, or motion banners on the page will really get viewers taking notice. Part of truly having a great design element is going to websites like can help with design ideas for your page. Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that the simplistic approach does draw in viewers as well, but something multilayered and modern can add a glisten to your page that will entice for sure.

Frequent Posts:

This has always been a difficult science to tackle, and many have done it well. Some social media sites do around 3-6 posts a day, some will only do one religiously, and in news or blog type formats, 2 or three posts a week can sometimes convey to your audience the idea that you are trying to get across. Whichever approach that you do choose, after a certain threshold, viewers will want to see that you are posting frequently. With certain formats, you can do this late at night and readers will still take notice, but optimizing posts around the noon hour and early evening can be best. There are times where you want an epic feature about a popular show, format, or trend, and other times where you just want a quick update about your company. A visit you took, trend you observed, or quick snapshot of your local surroundings can sometimes draw traffic in nicely.

Catchy Content:

When people come to see a blog or brand site, they want to see something that can draw them in quickly. At times in your social media happenings, this is very easy, like during sports playoffs, other cultural events, and holidays. At other times, you may struggle to have content that can draw the reader in. Personal experiences, weird and thrifty finds, and observations about everyday life can always rank high; these are among the most popular of what people are quickly drawn into and hooked on. Social media has the power to act quickly when roping in fans and viewers, and catchy content is one of the prime examples of ways to engage readers quickly. When you master this, there will be followers and new potential followers lined up ready for what you have to post next, and spread the word about your brand.

Interacting with your fans

In the broad scope of a company where you have to provide customer service, such as shipping or vending, this gets even more important. If you own a catalog company perhaps, and someone is dissatisfied, they may log right onto a public forum on your Facebook page and complain, where everyone can see it. There is really only one solution for this problem: tell the customer right away where everyone can see it that you have rectified the problem. If you are not on top of this, it could really sink your business! Also, steering the attention away from your own brand and commenting on what some of your followers are doing is key as well… if you have a music fan page, this is key to let people know that you have their bands in mind as well, not just promoting yourself. Fans like to be engaged, asking them every once in awhile about their preferences, trips, or favorite spots always makes your media page truly become a social hub; which is exactly what you want.

Tips on Imaging

When users are looking over social media pages, they always like being drawn in by images. If you can concoct the perfect ratio of images to content, they will always want to come back to your page. One mistake that is made in the social media world today is when a business owner just puts a lot of status updates by text about what is happening. Things like trade shows, success stories, and the like are thrown up with just commentary, or maybe one jpeg taken by a cellphone. Using a camera at the very least of 12 megapixel quality will greatly improve the graininess factor of your images, and the Samsung Galaxy high end phones have cameras with 30 mexapixels and above. These will make you appear much more professional. Lastly and incredibly importantly, seeing your products in action make for the best images ever; that is the most powerful way to stick in the viewer’s memory. We understand it’s easier for products like shoes, but you can tap into your own creativity to figure out a way to show everyone your design or service in invaluable motion!


To say the least, we now know that being a business owner involves tough decisions, thinking outside the box, and finding new ways to innovate and drive revenue as efficiently as possible. Articles and trade publications on the web are an excellent way to keep up with what is happening, but reading books by authors who have faced the same challenges starting a business or marketing a product has been proven essential. One of the best reasons to read books like the ones on the list we’ll show you today is the expanded wealth of knowledge you really obtain from reading an entire book about the industry. Just a topic like Instagram or Twitter management takes months to fully understand, let alone the SEO puzzle facing many website owners. Really becoming engrossed in an author’s bio, mistakes, ideas and influences can stoke an idea that make or break your burgeoning business. Here are some picks that really stood out for us this year.

tribes seth godin Top Reads 2014; great books for Entrepreneurs and Business OwnersTribes: We Need You to Lead Us

By brilliant author Seth Godin, this book examines the human need to follow religious, economic, or other cultural leaders and form like minded groups based on interests. Due to the ease of spreading information on the web, many “tribes” are being formed by bloggers, influential entrepreneurs, and unique people on our globe today. This very true to current trends read explores the different ways that you can incorporate leadership into the current climate, and maximize your idea or business. One of the most important messages is about patience and building a true network; both invaluable skills in the business world today.

EightyTwentyManager Top Reads 2014; great books for Entrepreneurs and Business OwnersThe 80/20 Manager; The Secret to Working less and Achieving More

Richard Koch shows readers how to apply a very valuable formula to their mantra and routine; while focusing on the realm of management. It’s no secret that many managers would love to accomplish more, feel refreshed, and not worry about always being under the gun. Worse yet, many worry about being under the axe, and having their position eliminated completely. It focuses on getting the best results and ideas for your business in question from your teammates, and those working underneath you. Eliminating general clutter, confusion, and micromanaging techniques that will turn your employees off are all touched on here, and reviewers say it’s an incredibly helpful text. In the current era, it is of grave importance to make the workers feel good and stimulate celebration of talent; otherwise your prized employees may look elsewhere for fulfillment.

finding the next steve jobs Top Reads 2014; great books for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Finding The Next Steve Jobs; How to Find, Keep, and Nurture Talent

Founder of the bigger than life company Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, author Nolan Bushnell gives a wonderful insight into building something big, profitable, and Earth shaking in today’s climate. Really highlighting the need for burning creativity in the workplace, this book is essential even if you are not a techhie or ultra modern startup. Going way deeper than just the filtering through resumes and talent, it drives home very valuable ideas relating to the reading of people’s personalities quickly and cultivating positivity and the ultimate think tank in your office. It is said to be a true thrill to read a blueprint/manual by the “father of the video game industry”; this one is at the absolute top of many marketer’s list. Also very candid and honest about his business failures, this is chock full of the most useful information available to any entrepreneur.

failateverything winbig Top Reads 2014; great books for Entrepreneurs and Business OwnersHow to Fail at Almost Everything and still Win Big; Kind of the Story of my Life

Creator of “Dilbert”, one of the best comic strips ever about the quirks of office life, Scott Adams tells readers here about embracing failure and other strategies to succeed. Inventions, restaurants, and other endeavors are talked about candidly here and the notion that sheer drive and personal energy will take you where you need to go in the long run. Readers are claiming it a very nice addition and fresh perspective to the list that will make entrepreneurs successful and also take a very thorough inventory of what they are doing to succeed and thrive. Many are raving that the idea to go with your true strengths instead of follow the “you can do whatever you want” notion is incredibly productive, and this is one success story who you will really want to learn from and love reading with your coffee.

5 fast Emerging Festivals for Indie Artists

April 4, 2014

by Jon Weirman

There will always be the big guns in festivals with the hugest names that listeners will flock to, and aside from the hugest one in the Lone Star state and a few others, there are many artists and listeners who want to know a good new event to gain fans at. While the landscape has changed so much in the realm of promotion, once you land a slot at a prime festival, the right kind of eyes and ears will be upon you. It is very important to have high quality merchandise on hand, and a very polished show at these; it will be very rewarding. Some of the festivals we’ll look at are midsize and definitely in a fresh post-infancy, but that is a prime state to be in. There’s nothing like putting on a great stage show when the audience is amongst the hippest on the globe, or nation.

pantiero 5 fast Emerging Festivals for Indie ArtistsFestival Pantiero, Cannes, France

International, not always thought about from this side of the pond, and in one eclectic and palm-laden location, Festival Panteiro is located in the same place that one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world is. Complete with university students who are letting loose, true connoisseurs that can’t wait to see a big act with thousands of other viewers, and genres of indie, electronic, techno, groove, and trip hop amongst the offerings. A small step away from the rest of international festivals in many ways, this year will be featured acts Breton, Coming Soon, Factory Floor, Woodkid, and more. Amongst the same backdrop the ultra deal making “Midem” is held, this is one true heavy hitter that has already grown large and is a long awaited masterpiece of festivals.

boston calling festival 5 fast Emerging Festivals for Indie ArtistsBoston Calling, Boston, MA

Already full of many of the biggest names in the US for indie music, this East Coast haven has long been a mecca for the performing arts. Greats like Piebald and Six Going on Seven hailed from this collegiate domain, and since it pops off in the musically and psychologically blessed month of May, it’s one to start trying to send your stuff out on. Death Cab, Modest Mouse, Tegan and Sara, Built to Spill, and many others are playing this year. While definitely an event checkered with the best of the best in talent, sneaking on to the bill in this one would be epic. While some would argue that it is already so established you’d have to be of the upper echelons to break in, it’s worth working magic on any level for.

fieldtrip 5 fast Emerging Festivals for Indie Artists carandtrailer 5 fast Emerging Festivals for Indie ArtistsField Trip 2014, Toronto

One of the most cosmopolitan cities on the globe is not a surprising location for a festival, in just its second year, this is a huge entourage of acts such as Broken Social Scene and the Constantines. Taking place right in the downtown district, acts such as Interpol, Hydra, and The Darcys will take the stage together in an event that will also celebrate culinary offerings of the domain. This is one place that many will travel to take part in this year, in a city where many love rock. Well, the food will be comparable to the rock, but you will be charmed 24-7, guaranteed. This modern skyline and arts friendly crowd would be great to get your act in to; this is one destination that you would be proud to rock in.

osheaga 5 fast Emerging Festivals for Indie ArtistsOsheaga, Montreal

Jack White, The Arctic Monkeys, Half Moon Run, Band of Horses, Chance The Rapper, and White Denim are among some of the big names playing here this year. A very cool island park setting and a haven for big time names, this place is going to be massive this year, offering amazing reserved seating options and an opportunity to really experience one of the world’s most diverse cities. If Paul Westerberg and the replacements are supposed to be there, you know it’s going to be excellent. One of the most artistic cities in the world hands down, August would be a perfect times to see this diverse outdoor event.

nycpf logo final 5 fast Emerging Festivals for Indie ArtistsNYC Popfest 2014

During the first annual event, acts like Pipas and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart took the stage in a huge and diverse festival that quite possibly the hippest crowd in the world could be casting eyes and ears on. Fuzzy, lovable, and danceable acts have long had their place in this incredible gala of things quirky and stripped down. Last year the Monochrome Set played their first time together in 30 years, and the Scottish act The Close Lobsters headlined the 4 day festival of fun and nerdy audiences. What The New Yorker calls a “Burgeoning New York institution” is one massively large and eclectic happening. The Pushy Parents and Finland’s Burning Hearts have beamed their ballads across the Brooklyn night air, and fans are more ecstatic about being there than ever. Birthplace city of many a low fi masterpiece, this is a granddaddy of sorts to say the least. Sometimes you have to see certain acts in what could truly be the greatest and most emotionally charged metro ever known. 

kickstarter campaign 3 Tips To help Enhance your Kickstarter CampaignMaking sure that the push for funding is optimized

One of the most important things to note about a Kickstarter campaign can be during the middle. At the 2 or 3 week mark, funds can come in very slowly, diminishing hopes and wearing down moods a little. If you are a band, artist or entrepreneur that desperately needs funding to complete a new project, it’s important to know that a lot of funds can come in at the very last minute. It is of such importance to notice what kind of language you are using during your campaign, and refrain from the negative. Many will clearly spell out what will happen to them if they do not reach their goal, and while important, may not be the best thing to focus on. Following a few tips for your campaign will definitely get your Kickstarter headed in the right direction; there are a couple of vital tips that will set you apart from the rest.

1. Present from a fresh standpoint

In this new age of using the web to fund projects from fans and future fans, the notion that they have a lot of other projects to fund should be looked at. When you know that there are many others out there that are looking for funding, you will be immediately inspired to make your content as fresh as possible. This is always going to be tough, and a lot of great ideas have already been taken. What research has shown is that fans love content that is funny, and will really respond to it. Quirky hand drawn cartoons, sayings about what the money will really do for the idea, and background and inspiration for your project will all be embraced heavily by donors.

2. Providing Benefits for Contributors

Many of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns are those that give back to the giver; and not just in the small bumper sticker or guitar pick fashion. Offering pictures with the band, signed merchandise, the opportunity to make a decision in the creative process, and personal appearances are an enormous bonus. There are a lot of arguments in the current climate about this topic; some marketers out there will swear up and down that a simple T-shirt and thank you will not do, and some successful campaigns are reaching their goal by doing exactly that. One general rule of thumb is that the more creative your offering, the farther it will go in terms of getting people to reach in their pockets. And remember, with crowd funding resources on the web, you always have a second chance if you don’t meet your goal the first time.

3. Picking the optimum Length

The most skilled marketers in the online domain claim that the length of a Kickstarter project is its main ally. That is of course, if it is on the shorter side. Giving a potential donor the opportunity to procrastinate may not end well for you; but at the very least, your material was out and being looked at by viewers. From many standpoints, and many experts’ analysis, the 30 day model works best. There are so many ways you can slice the pie, and wonder about statistics, but over 23,000 projects have led many to believe the shorter model is better. If you have something really dynamite under wraps and is running a professional PR campaign to support your campaign, a good 60 days may yield you the best success, but the 30 day model has usually been of great strength. Using crowd funded options is helping many artists, and rising to the top of a DIY type mantra. Does your project have what it takes to get a stranger to donate? Hopefully these tips will help and give you a sense of preliminary direction.

Ugo Lord: “Put Peer Pressure In Its Place”

April 2, 2014

by Jon Weirman

In his latest episode Ugo Lord discusses peer pressure and offers a valuable technique on how to combat it. “It is a technique that can save your integrity, your dignity, and in extreme cases, even your life!” Check out the latest episode of The Ugo Lord Show at

About The Ugo Lord Show

The Ugo Lord Show is a program that allows viewers to learn how to consistently take the best steps forward in life to help ensure they achieve their greatest potential. Together, Ugo and his viewers take a journey towards self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-empowerment as he shares stories of those who have triumphed despite coming face-to-face with the most impossible of odds.

Contact A&M Entertainment for media requests and further information at your convenience: +1 (310) 295-4150.

youtube logo transparent The Science of YouTube: Reaching a large Audience with the Right Content

The explosion of the medium

Years ago, when you were a band trying to reach the right audience, videos were on VHS tapes. Now with the digital mediums and web portals like YouTube available, we scoff at how primitive those times seemed! According to the Nielsen ratings system, YouTube reaches more people aged 18-34 than any cable network. Now, that is a staggering fact. It is no wonder that content providers, artists, and marketing gurus have been flocking to the virtual hub for years now. And with many consumers cutting the cable wire and just getting their entertainment from the web, it’s very obvious that the high viewership and buzz is here to stay. Just to think that 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute… tells us how important it is to reach the right audience with your content; this is not a sensation to skip over or be left out on.

Options available to rope the right viewers in

To effectively gain the right audience, you need to construct a channel. Whether you are a band, product, label, or restaurant, the channel is a landing page that people click on once they have seen something they like. There are a few different ways to get folks to your channel. One of the best is by posting a channel trailer that really draws folks in. The user may be specifically looking for your trailer, or may stumble across it from keyword ads, or better yet, organic word of mouth. The channel trailer will need to have a lot of oomph, bells and whistles, and be a rather rich collage of ideas you want to convey. Another great tip as we talked to folks that were experts in the YouTube realm is your channel icon. One entrepreneur who owns a brewery said that he wished he would have picked something that looks good even at low resolutions, and is working right now to correct that flaw. The flaw was not fatal, but still had some folks asking for something easier on the eyes.

Maintaining the feed and daily chores

Just like Twitter or Facebook, when users come to a social media hub, they want to see that it is current. If you are incredibly short on time, don’t panic! You can at least maintain your feed by liking and commenting on other videos, one of the most important things you can do to increase your visibility. It is important to note that this will not be as good as uploading new content, but can get you by for a while. It is of more importance than ever now to realize that in these times, people really need to laugh. Subjects on YouTube who are willing to laugh at themselves always rock it high on the likeability charts. Above all, patience is a virtue. Don’t just throw up old videos and slam viewers. Constantly linking back to your other social media and praising other brands who you like is the key to organic traffic. Just when you think that no one is noticing you, they probably are. And that’s the best time to post your creative, awesome, and quirky content!

WeirdHappyness Weird Happyness Announces New Album, 10,000 Hours +Los Angeles, CA – Tuesday, April 1, 2014 – New York based production team Weird HappYness has announced that they will release their collaborative album project 10,000 Hours + on Tuesday, April 29th.

Composed of drummer Max Tucker and hip hop artist/producer Malik Ameer Crumpler; the duo’s debut effort offers an eclectic mixture of experimental jazz, funk and soul, electronica and hip-hop.  An album preview of 10,000 Hours + is now available at

Written, produced and performed by Tucker and Crumpler, the album was recorded at The Phoenix’s Hut in Brooklyn and Milarepa’s Mind in Harlem. Infused with eight distinctively unique tracks, 10,000 Hours + also features appearances from acclaimed jazz trumpeter and composer Leron Thomas.

Max Tucker on 10,000 Hours +
This album is just a glimpse into the sonic terrain that we are embarking upon.  We both have restless minds and high standards for ourselves so we knew going in that every song had to be special, and something that we wanted to hear over and over again. For this record our process was pretty much this:  I would make the initial blueprint of the song.  Sometimes it would be a more flushed out song with different parts and sometimes it would just be a 16 bar loop.  Then I would take it over to Malik and he would do his thing to it, said Tucker.

As the newly released material continues to garner interest from experimental music enthusiasts, one of the album’s most popular songs, “The Ascent of Rose” has already been featured on Jazz FM.

About Weird HappYness

Weird HappYness is a New York based production team consisting of drummer Max Tucker and producer Malik Ameer Crumpler. They have been in many bands, recorded with many artists and have finally recorded a duet of instrumental music.

Max Tucker is a drummer and percussionist living in New York City. He moved to New York after high school from Northern California to attend the New School University Jazz Program, from which he received a BFA in 2004. After graduating Max went on to play with many bands. Most notably, Francis and the Lights, Patrick Cleandenim and Dinowalrus with whom he toured the Northeast extensively.

Malik Ameer Crumpler is an experimental improvisational poet, rapper, writer, and producer who explores alternative literature, film and music for esoteric enthusiast. Having grown up in Oakland, California during the height of experimental underground Hip Hop, Malik remains inspired by the fundamental principles of that period: Weird originality. Obsessed with ancient mythology, folktales and all forms of indigenous spiritual expressions Malik’s works are usually allegorical confessions of mythological and religious characters.

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Music Video: Jessica Domingo  –  “Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball”

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About Jessica Domingo
Jessica began piano lessons at age 5 and took up guitar at age 12. During this time she also began performing in public. Jessica recently release a new album titled Just Vibe. The new effort comes at the heels of the emerging pop artist’s widely viewed performances on YouTube – including a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” which has garnered more than 2 million views.

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6 Reasons why you Need a Social Media Presence

March 31, 2014

by Jon Weirman

Social media tree 6 Reasons why you Need a Social Media PresenceThe amazingly high level of importance for this task

Before the days of social media or the internet, the word of mouth that bands and artists relied on was heavy. You would have to try so hard to get distribution, spend on recording, find a label, and then pray that the record stores your merchandise sat in would at least put a poster up regarding your release. When you did get the opportunity to tour around to other towns, your only true hope of getting an audience to the show was by flyers for the most part. They would get taken down, not be seen by everyone, and sometimes your valued target audience would find out you were playing just the night of the show. With the advent of multiple social media sites, getting others to share, comment, thumbs up and spread your content is invaluable. With all the different platforms available, you can share photos, status updates, and valuable new tracks with the entire world. Here are 6 important reasons to have a social media presence.

1. Increasing sales by connecting to a potential audience:

This is essentially the most important reason to be on social media; to generate new audiences and make your tunes or art available to anyone looking for it. Whether by a retweet, Facebook status update, or Instagram photo, you will be bringing someone new into the mix. And when these people spread the word on their own websites, it is exactly the desired effect you want. To stay afloat and truly keep doing what you want, ultimately selling your tracks, albums, and other merchandise is the prime way to do so.

2. Making sure that search engines jive well with your existence

It is very important to understand that as an artist the people you want to find you will use Google and others to get to you right that moment, or bookmark your page for later. When search engines are checking over their internal criteria for listing and ranking you, it can go way beyond the basics of Facebook and Twitter presence. Posting current content, chatting publicly with others who have the same interests, and promoting new additions to your lineup are of key interest. This aspect is most important when someone first tries to search you out; from there it can be a nice gentle downhill slope once your product sounds good and your merchandise looks good.

3. Shaping the Brand and promoting it

From the time you post your first picture or even try out catchy slogans, you are reaching many viewers. Much of this is best done after adding a good initial round of friends, and waiting to reach out for the national/global layer of appreciation. An aspect of having content on social media that is more crucial than ever is the stage of creating what the brand or artist is known for, and to lie digitally influenced eyes on your logos and content. Branding is a science all in itself that takes much planning and skill, and having social media presence is one of the most intricate and valuable ways to start rising up in the world of being noticed.

4. Cost to time Ratio

Really doing your social media presence right takes time and cultivation, but for initial cost of holding the pages down, is ideal. The main social media portals Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest do not currently charge a fee for setup. To take full advantage of them and have content that is top notch is a time consuming process, but not spending much money until you get into advertising of your own is incredibly valuable. You truly are now able to reach more people than ever for free; the fine elements of the craft come into play once you have a following and need to keep followers entertained and engaged.

5. Tons of people use social media as a search tool

While search engines are a major place for people to find you as an artist, the college student eager for something new and the hip friend of a friend that has been checking things out online could very well use Facebook to search. It makes sense, because this social network already has so many millions of users starting their day, their news feed, and what they want to seek out for entertainment with it. So much organic growth in music and entertainment has occurred with Facebook and Twitter that it is mind boggling to the artist. One key thing to remember is that even when you don’t feel like embracing a new social media platform, once you do, some of your best daily content just needs to be spread evenly amongst all your outlets.

6. To make sure that potential customers trust your image

Even though plenty of negative things can spread like wildfire on the web, just having a social media image period helps you. Whether your brand is all about music, clothing, or promotion, ignoring the masses and not putting up any social media will harm you in the long run. Once a certain groove is established, users gleaning for information will find you, bookmark you, and send your songs to friends, and talk about when you are performing next. With the usual ups and downs of any endeavor, having groups to cross promote what you are doing and where you are doing it next will be just as valuable as anyone in the tech realm would expect it to be.

IMG 9537 Comedian Michael Smith to Perform at Rooster T Feathers Comedy ClubLos Angeles, CA – Thursday, March 27, 2014 – Bay area stand-up comic Michael Smith will be taking center stage at the historical Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club in Sunnyvale, CA on Wednesday, April 2nd.

Smith’s upcoming performance at Rooster T Feathers further highlights his career as one of comedy’s most recognizable contenders. Armed with unsuspecting comical dialogues, he remains persistent on keeping the crowd laughing. Some of his recent stand-up performances include sets at the infamous Hollywood Improv, Los Angeles Comedy Store and Continental Club in Oakland.

Funny since childhood, Smith says that being able to make strangers laugh prompted him to pursue a career in comedy in addition to, “For years my family and friends have been telling me I’m funny and they have encouraged me to take my humor to the next level,” he says.  His witty content is usually inspired by his real life experiences, relationships, parenthood, work and suburbia.

To get a glimpse of Michael Smith’s infectious stage presence and a quick laugh, check out his YouTube channel at

About Michael Smith

Michael Smith is quickly making a name for himself in the Bay Area comedy scene. He is a California native from Vallejo who now resides in the East Bay. His charismatic personality, expressive face and quick wit are an ideal combination for the stage. Michael’s explicit language and honest delivery is shocking and refreshing, while his ability to tell jokes about his own life is endearing and downright laugh-out-loud funny.

He has performed in Los Angeles at the Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv. In San Francisco, Michael has performed at Castagnola’s and OMG nightclub. On any weeknight he can be found at local comedy clubs trying his hand at new material. His dedication to his craft is impressive, and he’s not to be missed. Information regarding future shows will be updated regularly and posted on Michael Smith’s website.

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blackberry z101 How to Sell your Music Online; Portals to get followers to PurchaseThe new norm: not many trips to a physical store

While there still is success in the realm of store sales from incredibly popular artists, a majority of sales have been through the means of the internet. In many ways it has never been harder to make a vast profit from recorded songs, due to sharing, posts on video hubs, and torrents. The bands that are out there recording high quality material may not even be selling full albums; just one track hits at around 99 cents a single. One good thing about people buying so much online is that if you find followers, you can absolutely still make a profit from your efforts. If you are careful in your spending, you can even buy new gear or at least finance some merchandise and cover additional publicity and marketing expenses.

itunes How to Sell your Music Online; Portals to get followers to PurchaseiTunes, the sales heavy Hitter

When musicians think of iTunes, they definitely think of a medium that is huge not only in gift card sales, but as a form of delivery many deem as their best source. It is also an application that many play the music in predominantly, instead of a media player or MP3 format. To properly sell your music on iTunes, you need to have a plan to get an aggregator. In a nutshell the reason for this is making sure that it uploads exactly true to specs the first time, and making sure you have codes like UPC’s for proper channels. Some aggregators will not accept your music the first time, especially if it is deemed raw and very underground; but many have luck with repeated submissions.

soundcloud logo How to Sell your Music Online; Portals to get followers to Purchase
Soundcloud, the sharing giant

Soundcloud is a format that is not used to drive much profit (yet), but as a means to get the music out there to many listeners. It is absolutely crucial to make sure that people get an excellent sample before or after reading your bio, linking there from somewhere else, or being recommended by friends. It is imperative to have a short and to the point bio on this site, and also be careful to not give all, or the best, diamonds away to the listener on a treasure hunt. The key here is to really know that if you reel in fans from this medium, they may become loyal purchasers of merchandise or show-goers in the near future. And, will spread the word about how much they like your music.

spotify transparent logo 300x116 How to Sell your Music Online; Portals to get followers to PurchaseSpotify, the newest format

Spotify has a premium tier that gives users access at unlimited amounts for $9.99 a month, and distributes around 70% of the revenues right back to the artist. This service has been widely known as truly convincing people to pay for music again, and monthly payments to top artists are around 400K in the high range. That statistic itself is interesting enough to get artists to want to participate, and quick. The true best medium to get your music on Spotify is CDBaby, run and staffed by musicians. Radio stations that are customized and a quick easy integration to Facebook and Twitter are pluses of this huge streaming benefit. It is well known in the industry that many workplaces and streaming devices use Spotify, a wonderful portal for the modern musician.

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