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Los Angeles, CA — January 27, 2015 — It was a sad day in August of 1977 for Elvis Presley fans. The iconic singer died too soon. With nothing left, but his legacy, fans held on to his memory, until now. Jim Jinelli, a Chicago native, magically recreates the music and concert experience of “The King,” with powerful vocals and a presence just that of the late singer. Jinelli’s production, “Elvis: A Concert Experience,” is so real and liberating it will leave you in disbelief. For more information on “Elvis: A Concert Experience,” visit

Jinelli performs to many sold out crowds, from cultural and performing arts centers, to the 31st Annual Elvis Presley Fan Club Convention in Orlando. Starting on Sunday, February 8th he will turn back time with his one-of-a-kind tribute to Elvis at Catherine Hickman Theater in Gulfport, Florida.

Other upcoming performances include:

February 22 at Saenger Theater in Hattiesburg, MS
March 1 at Averitt Center for the Arts in Statesboro, GA
March 8 at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC
March 15 at Mount Dora Community Building in Mount Dora, FL
March 21 at Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary, FL
March 22 at Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary, FL
April 10 at Community Theatre of Greensboro in Greensboro, NC
April 11 at Community Theatre of Greensboro in Greensboro, NC
June 10 at Marlowe’s in Memphis, TN
July 5 at Pensacola Little Theatre in Pensacola, FL

The production will consist of covers from the touring concert years of 1971-1977. Jinelli will capture the hearts of loyal fans as he displays the exact charm and charisma of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” At the age of thirteen, Jim saw Elvis in concert for the first time at the Chicago Stadium and from that point on; he knew the kind of performer he wanted to be. But, little did he know, he would later on perform tributes to the late King.

With a dedicated following, Jim Jinelli has become a seasoned professional with a rare career track record. He has collaborated with many people who knew and worked alongside Elvis Presley including Jerry Schilling, Joe Esposito, Sonny West, Dick Grob, D.J. Fontana, and Scotty Moore to name a few.

Not only is Jinelli a star on stage, he is a star in the hearts of many special individuals. He works diligently to raise money for various charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project. He has also performed at fundraisers for children’s charities, homeless missions, hurricane and tornado victims, cancer research benefits, volunteer fire departments, and seniors and veterans organizations.

About Jim Jinelli
Jim Jinelli is a professional musician and has created a mesmerizing tribute concert memorializing Elvis Presley. With his powerful, commanding voice, remarkable vocal range and natural vibrato, Jim captures that unique “Elvis” sound. Seizing the passion of every song, evoking the magic of the phenomenon known as the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Come delight in the experience of a reproduction of Elvis’ music and stage presence so accurate that all of us may suspend belief, as the saying goes, “Elvis has left the building.”

Official website:

Secret Music Cover 1600x1600 FinalLos Angeles, CA – January 13, 2015 – An incredibly talented singer and songwriter, Denver musician Amy Kress has released her debut album, “Secret Music.” Armed with an amazingly beautiful voice and inspiring lyrics, Amy delivers a unique contemporary pop experience and creatively unfolds the album’s underlying message of love, happiness, and inspiration. “Secret Music,” is now available at all major music outlets including Amazon, Spotify and iTunes at:

Produced by The Spot Studios (Denver, CO), “Secret Music” explores much of Amy’s personal life. Her ongoing battle with breast cancer was a primary driving force behind the unveiling of her musical talent. Diagnosed in 2011, Amy pushed her passion for singing and songwriting to the forefront – teaming with Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop of The Spot Studios for a series of singles and the new album. Musically gifted since childhood, tapping her creativity to compose new music was like second nature to Kress.

“Music has always been the language of my soul. I lose myself in it, it’s my meditation and my place of peace. No matter the circumstances I can always turn to music to ease my mind.” – Amy Kress

Written and co-produced by Kress, “Secret Music” features 14-tracks – a collection of songs and scraps of music she stored over the years. Her pop-infused single, “Numb” unleashes a relentless character searching for fulfillment while another fan favorite “The Way I Want You” offers a soulful ballad. Recognized for her distinct vocal ability, one fan noted, “Your voice and music, oh so refreshing and soulful, accentuating beauty even more-so through your voice. I’m hooked!”

Amy’s heart-felt performance of the single, “The Crush” at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver – left the crowd eager for more of her music. Currently in the studio working on her second album, Amy Kress is also gearing up for a series of performance engagements in support of “Secret Music.”

About Amy Kress
Amy Kress is a talented Canadian born singer and songwriter living in Denver, Colorado. Until three years ago she was a “secret musician” only playing at home alone or to her kids and dogs. Things may have very well continued along that path forever until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. That event changed her life when she realized her passion needed to be explored to its fullest before it was too late. In September 2013 she began recording her debut album, “Secret Music” based largely on her “secret” scraps of music she had been collecting over the years. Now, actively battling cancer for the second time, Amy is writing her second album.

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Rony's Insomnia Band
Los Angeles, CA – January 5, 2015 - New York alternative rock band Rony’s Insomnia recently kicked off their Europe tour in support of the newly released album, “Count To Ten.” Led by front woman and guitarist Rony Corcos, the band will tour Europe through the first week in February with stops in Reykjavik (Iceland), London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Tel Aviv. Known for the eclectic mix of emotionally themed ballads and acoustic rock, Rony’s Insomnia is performing several songs from the album including their first single, “Seven Minutes.”

Consisting of band members: Rony Corcos (vocals/guitar), John Naeder (guitar/keyboard), Jordan Lipp (drums) and Yvans Jean-Michel (bass); Rony’s Insomnia has played several festival and venues in the New York area and have garnered a loyal audience throughout the city. Written and composed by Rony, “Seven Minutes,” is a mesmerizing tune that balance’s her broad vocal range and illuminates her musical talent. The official “Seven Minutes” music video is available on Youtube at:

About Rony’s Insomnia
Rony’s Insomnia is a New York based rock band led by Israeli artist and front woman Rony Corcos (Singer-Songwriter, Lead Guitarist and Producer). The band includes John Naeder (Guitar and Keys), Jordan Lipp (Drums) and Yvans Jean-Michel (Bass). Rony’s music was said to be emotional, intelligent, cinematic and epic. In her songs, Rony combines elements from her origins (Israel), from her Rock&Roll core and from years of playing Jazz and Blues professionally. Being a pioneer in today’s lead female guitarist movement, a virtuoso on the Electric Guitar and voice and equipped with an incredibly talented group of musicians – Rony’s Insomnia is a must see performance.

For more information or booking inquiries visit:

sbwire-76485-screenLos Angeles, CA – Tuesday, December 16, 2014 With the recently released, “Numb” single under her belt, Colorado area singer and songwriter Amy Kress has announced the official release date for her much anticipated first album, “Secret Music.” A exceptionally talented vocalist and overall musician, Amy’s new project invites you to experience part of her life’s journey presented through a collection of 14 songs that touch on love, happiness and inspiration. “Secret Music,” debuts on Tuesday, January 13th and will be available at all major music outlets including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. You can pre-order the album now on iTunes and receive the previously released singles for free at:

Produced by The Spot Studios (Denver, CO), “Secret Music” explores much of Amy’s creativity as she wrote the album and was directly involved in its production. “The Secret Music refers to the fact that it was largely written without me playing it for friends or family,” said Amy. “Many friends didn’t even know I was recording or if they did it was just thought of as a quirky hobby of mine.”

Currently, Kress – who has been busy promoting the album with several performance dates throughout the city – is continuing to serve as an inspiration for others by pursuing her dream, in spite of her ongoing battle with breast cancer. She dedicates time to blog about her journey on and her own website, and is a voice for others in her community. The concept of Secret Music also served as a form of healing and therapy for Kress.

With four previously released singles from the album and a seemingly effortless live performance at Herman’s Hideaway of her second single, “The Crush” (check it out at, Amy Kress has created quite a stir. She has received glowing reviews noting her incredibly enticing voice and the heart-felt messages embedded within her music. A recent review from Tim Wenger of Colorado Music Buzz states, “… I was treated to an unusually personal and eccentric collection of songs that exposed the heart of a woman exploring mindful expression without boundary. Her voice is soft, but maintains authority over the backing music. The music itself varies greatly from track to track – this is not one of those records where every song sounds the same.”

About Amy Kress

“The healer told me that I wasn’t fulfilling what my soul needed. I was, in her words, a flower in the desert that had no water. I was starving for something to feed my soul and I needed to make a change. I needed to express myself. I needed to create and I needed to put it out there. The most important thing she said to me is that not everyone is ready to hear what I have to put out there. Don’t worry about it. The people that are, are the ones I’m playing for.” – Amy Kress

Life is what happens between the lines and at times it’s hard to handle much less share with others. All of the great artists manage to bridge this gap though and Amy Kress is one of the few with this unique gift. Kress is the unlikely star; the mother, the wife, the survivor, and her story is an inspiring one.

Official website:

DonnieP_CatchAMouse_1800x2700Los Angeles, CA – Tuesday, December 2, 2014 – Serial entrepreneur and franchisor, Donnie P has announced the release of his new book, “How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese.” After years of successfully launching and operating several businesses, most recently becoming a franchisor in 2012 and selling his first franchise in 2013, Donnie P, a Louisiana native sought to compile his experiences and knowledge into a valuable resource for aspiring business owners.

“How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese,” is a helpful tool filled with lessons and first-hand accounts of business experiences, life and entrepreneurship — additionally offering a “how-to” approach on launching a business and how to prosper with little-to-no financial resources. The book also provides useful tips and strategies to serve as a guide for new business owners. The book is now available on Amazon with an ebook version available on Kindle and/or his official website:

With over 20 years of business ownership experience, Donnie P continues to apply five life-changing principles that are guaranteed to grant success. These five principles: Faith, Truth, Self-Awareness, Self Determination and Service, are the backbone of “How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese,” – each principle offering a valuable reference on how it can be used to make your business dreams come true. Filled with real world examples and recipes for success, Donnie P’s new book is an excellent resource for budding entrepreneurs.

donnie_pAbout Donnie P
Donnie P., a serial entrepreneur and native of Jeanerette, Louisiana, realized early in his professional business career that he was equipped with the necessary drive and determination that would allow him to start businesses—from the ground up—without any money. He used these tools and, immediately upon graduation from Southern University A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he established Community Case Management, an adolescent substance abuse counseling service. Soon after, he would also create Preventive Medical Center, a community-based provider of medical health services. Later, Mr. P would hone his entrepreneurial knowledge and skills by founding A Plus Home Care Services, a non-medical, in-home healthcare company that focuses on elder care and support. Mr. P credits the success of A Plus Home Care Services to his unparalleled motivation and perseverance. During A Plus Home Care Services’ infancy, he assumed every role that was required to effectively run the business. He became an expert in the areas of finance, sales, marketing, and operations.

Official website:


CBACome Back Alice will be performing at this year’s Bear Creek Music & Art Festival on Saturday, November 15th. The 4-day festival will be held November 13th through 16th just north of Live Oak, Florida at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park and will features an incredible lineup of bands, performers and artists. In addition to their upcoming appearance at Bear Creek, Come Back Alice is currently touring and prepping for their national album and music video release.

About Come Back Alice
Come Back Alice is a soulfully southern gypsy funk band whose lively concert performances feature unforgettable remnants of rhythmic funk fused with elements of gypsy jazz. With a musical style that’s truly their own, Come Back Alice is one of the most popular bands to swept through the Southeast. With the release of their much anticipated debut album forthcoming, Come Back Alice is continuing to turn heads with their exceptional performances and unique collection of sound.

Official website:

Amy Kress - HQ Photo 1Singer-songwriter Amy Kress will be performing at Westword Best of the West 6 on Saturday, November 15th at 8pm at Herman’s Hideaway. The event features 60+ of the hottest and most up and coming acts in Colorado. It is also the first of several rounds of competition with the winner receiving – a main stage performance for Film on the Rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater, a main stage performance at Westword Music Showcase in downtown Denver, an official Jagermeister endorsement, a studio recording package, $4,000 cash and a performance at the Deep Eddy Vodka Showcase during SXSW in 2016.

With the forthcoming release of her new album, “Secret Music” debuting this fall, singer-songwriter Amy Kress continues to inspire others through her music. Mixed with a combination of energetic, modern day pop and hints of contemporary soul, Amy’s heart-felt lyrics and riveting vocals tell amazing stories of triumph and happiness.

Official website:

mobile_paymentIn the race to make wallets obsolete and just use smart phones for payment, the realm now covers bill paying applications as well. In 2008, Dwolla seriously disrupted the industry when they launched and were all about figuring out a way to use the internet to exchange payments without high trade fees. At the time, the CEO’s e commerce company in Iowa was generating about 1.5 million dollars in sales, but paying around 55,000 dollars in credit card interchange fees. They realized that it was an expense comparable to what some businesses paid for their leased space, and pushed ahead with their dream.

The interest really sparked here was not getting rid of all the big boys in the realm of competition, but going to work on some of the inefficient aspects of the existing alternatives. Many out there feel that money truly has the same qualities as raw data, and therefor you should not have to pay fees when exchanging it online. With many of the participants being from Silicon Valley, there are many processors, providers, and parties that can stand in the way of this free commerce idea. The processing done on the back end is by companies like First Data, and they are relatively safe for a few years. However, The MSP’s, or merchant service providers, are the ones who lend businesses a hand in the setup process in their journey to accepting credit cards. These and the hardware providers could be under a little pressure to survive from the following 3 applications that are stepping up their game.


Apple Pay

This will incorporate an Apple watch, an Iphone 6 or 6 plus, and will be great for business people that are focused on walking away from analog seeming receipts and the clutter of it all. With a lofty goal of truly replacing the consumer’s wallet, and streamlining the smart phone paying process, it looks promising. They have rounded up Visa, Amex, and Mastercard for now, the triage of heavy hitters needed to get potential users to pay attention. Ambitiously working hard to get support on other continents, this is going to be one app that many people will swipe their fingers over their device for. Right at the launch, there are 22,000 companies including Disney, Mcdonalds, Panera Bread, Petco, and Whole Foods that are willing and ready partners. This will absolutely propel us into the future we once saw only on the big screen.


3,000,000 users, more than 250,000 merchants, and payments upwards of $10 billion, this service was started in 2009 by the co founder of Twitter. During 2012, Starbucks sank some cash into the deal, and they were also known for a simple setup process. You just get the app for your device, connect your bank account, and order the card swipe in the mail. Once that is in your hands you are ready to insert it into the headphone jack and you are ready to grow your business. The biggest points that this app gets from our review is the ease of the interface. It is laid out so plainly that this is perhaps what users really envisioned when they saw in their minds’ eye the payment processing of the future. There is not a startup cost associated with this app, another attractive feature. There are no credit checks for this application, and you are able to get started fairly quickly. This is just one of the options available that we predict to become more and more popular over time.


Billed by more than a few as the easiest mobile processing app they have ever used, It relies on photos instead of a card reader. It is said to be the fastest and most convenient for a few different reasons. Right now they are only processing Visa and Mastercard, but are favored by many vendors. If you give them a bit of detailed information about your business, you can get a higher weekly processing limit, and one of the only drawbacks is the Discover/Amex processing dilemma. The speed at which transactions are processed is said to be on the extreme high end, and Flint wins over many vendors. From Redwood, California and getting it’s start in 2011, they are backed by heavy hitting investors like Storm Ventures, SVG, and Verizon Ventures. They will absolutely be one to watch in terms of card reading/ solutions without the headaches of a usual processor.

TheRideFINALwebAcclaimed singer songwriter Jay Jacobson has announced the release today of his fifth full-length studio album, the eagerly awaited CD titled, “The Ride”. Known for his amazing tenor voice and ability to connect with his audience through his beautifully composed songs, Jay Jacobson’s latest effort is an album that delivers a one-of-a-kind experience of emotional trip-hop, electronic dance and soulful ballads set against modern day pop influences. “The Ride” is now available on iTunes at: Amazon, CD Baby and several other online retail outlets.

From the personal heart tugging ballad, “Maybe One Day”, to the whimsical exuberance of “Taking the Long Way Home”, and the infectious dance anthem, “Animal”, “The Ride” is an emotional roller coaster ride of 11 all-original tracks which shed a unique spotlight on life’s exhilarating journey. Each song perfectly expressed through Jay’s thought-provoking lyrics have the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

The album has received glowing reviews noting Jay’s impeccable vocals and the powerful messages embedded within his music:

“Having a well layered background akin to a large act like Coldplay… incredibly radio friendly and has a very large potential for listener reach. I heard a voice that loves not only theatrical novelty, but spreading happiness as well. A warm and influential record, listening should evoke a high risk of encountering gentle tones, warm vibes, and desire to hit repeat.” – HyPursuit

“Jay Jacobson makes a memorable impression… There are classical influences as well as soaring vocals. He has an amazing tenor voice that glides between melodies. All the piano parts are beautifully rendered that they sound magical… uplifting… artfully crafted… You better pick this recording and the rest of his albums because I am sure you will love his kind of music!” – Sphere Music

“Jay Jacobson does an awesome job in the vocals department, hitting such high notes that I could only imagine hitting in my lifetime.” – Indigo Indie

“…bouncy-ness of beats that keeps the music fresh and alive… Jay Jacobson has the talent and style that is indeed worth that listen, because it jumps at you each time you hear it.” – Nataliez WorldIn 

In addition to the new CD, Jay Jacobson will also release the official music videos for a few of the CD’s singles this fall.

About Jay Jacobson

A Los Angeles based singer and songwriter (originally from Philadelphia), Jay Jacobson, has released five full length CDs of his original music which have been played on radio and podcasts around the world. He was recently named “The One to Watch” on the “Off the Charts” UK radio show. His CD, “Ready”, includes the Top Ten internationally charting single, “Boy”. In 2010 he released his first music video for the song, “Love is Love”, (from his CD “Revelations”) which created a buzz (including stories in USA Today Online, On Top Magazine, and Towleroad), and went on to win multiple awards in film festivals. Jay wrote, performed and produced a hugely successful live one-man-show, “Mental Creatures”, which followed the journeys of three different people (a young painter, a widowed woman, and an elderly man) along with several supporting characters, weaving songs from his catalogue of CDs throughout the show. This critically acclaimed show and audience favorite had a successful six week run in Hollywood, California at “The Lounge Theater 2″. It was his first play as a writer or producer.

Official website:

artist photo 3Tuesday, September 23, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA - Mongolian & Chinese composer and musician Nature Ganganbaigal (known as Tianran Zhang in Chinese) has announced the release of his first solo album titled, “To Where Tengger Leads Me”. The new album features original compositions, written and performed by Nature who combines traditional Mongolian folk music, like Horse-Head Fiddle and Throat Singing with full orchestral and modern electronic music to create a Hollywood-styled soundtrack. “To Where Tengger Leads Me” is now available on iTunes, Amazon and on Bandcamp at:

Nature Ganganbaigal’s work has been featured in many diverse commercials, films and video games with his film score recently performed in Symphony Space on Broadway. In addition to the new album, you can experience Nature’s captivating work in the following film and game projects at

Nature Ganganbaigal on “To Where Tengger Leads Me”: What happens when epic music meets Genghis Khan? The most unique representation of Mongolian traditional music combined with epic soundtrack style!

Written and produced by Nature Ganganbaigal, “To Where Tengger Leads Me” gives you an experience of the epic Mongol Empire through a fusion of orchestral sounds, a variety of vocalizations and Asian instrumentation. Not only will you hear the distinctive strings of the horse-head fiddle but also the valiant sounds of the galloping steeds, the blowing blizzard, the riding warriors, and the thundering drums under the great welkin! With 12-tracks completing Nature’s solo effort, “To Where Tengger Leads Me” is a glowing representation of Nature’s ability to perfectly combine his traditional Mongolian culture with modern music.

About Nature Ganganbaigal
Nature Ganganbaigal, Mongolian music composer from China (Chinese name: Tianran Zhang). Nature writes music for commercial clips, trailers and games for both indie studios and large media firms such as China Central Television. His wide ranges of music styles include traditional orchestral music and electronic influenced modern film score. As a former Microsoft UI designer, Nature has the strong sensibility on visual media and filmic language. Nature is currently studying in New York University finishing his film music graduate degree. As the winner of 2014 New York University Film Score Competition, Nature’s film score was performed in Broadway.

Official website:


TheRideFINALwebTuesday, September 16, 2014, Los Angeles, CA — From his eloquently smooth vocals and beautifully arranged songs, to the variety of sounds offered in his music, acclaimed singer-songwriter Jay Jacobson’s new CD, “The Ride” delivers a one-of-a-kind experience of emotional trip-hop, electronic dance and soulful ballads framed by exquisite pop-infused orchestrations. Jacobson’s fifth studio album, “The Ride” features 11 all-original songs that perfectly channel the highs and lows of life expressed through the purity of his voice and thought provoking lyrics. “The Ride” will debut on Tuesday, October 14th on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and several other online retail outlets.

One of the album’s most popular singles, the dance anthem “Animal”, showcases Jay’s ridiculously incredible vocal range atop a bouncy electro-dance production. The remaining 10 tracks, continue the album’s tone offering an unforgettable musical ride.

From the heartfelt, “Maybe One Day” written for his recently passed away grandmother, to the whimsical exuberance of “Taking the Long Way Home”, to the bittersweet reflection of “I Lived”, “The Ride” expertly showcases Jay’s unique sound and emotionally stirring songwriting as they create a journey through life’s ups and downs, loves and losses, and the strength of the human spirit. “I wanted to write about the acceptance of life, with all its bumps and wrinkles included,” said Jay.

In addition to the forthcoming release, Jay is putting the finishing touches on a series of new music videos for the songs featured on “The Ride”. The album’s first single, “With Our Love”, with be released on Tuesday, October 7th and will be available on iTunes.


About Jay Jacobson

A Los Angeles based singer and songwriter (originally from Philadelphia), Jay Jacobson, has released five full length CDs of his original music which have been played on radio and podcasts around the world. He was recently named “The One to Watch” on the “Off the Charts” UK radio show. His CD, “Ready”, includes the Top Ten internationally charting single, “Boy”. In 2010 he released his first music video for the song, “Love is Love”, (from his CD “Revelations”) which created a buzz (including stories in USA Today Online, On Top Magazine, and Towleroad), and went on to win multiple awards in film festivals. Jay wrote, performed and produced a hugely successful live one-man-show, “Mental Creatures”, which followed the journeys of three different people (a young painter, a widowed woman, and an elderly man) along with several supporting characters, weaving songs from his catalogue of CDs throughout the show. This critically acclaimed show and audience favorite had a successful six week run in Hollywood, California at “The Lounge Theater 2″. It was his first play as a writer or producer.

Official website:

too dope mixtape cover copyLos Angeles, CA – Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 – With a newly released single behind him, Philosopha has announced the release of his much anticipated debut album, Too Dope. The new album is 14-tracks of bass thumping, high-energy modern day hip hop featuring the Chicago rapper’s hit single, “Strong” – the official music video for “Strong” debuts today and can be viewed on YouTube. To grab your copy of Too Dope visit: – an exclusive DJ version is also available at

Too Dope features production work from music producers King Zof, Dave the King, Shake 3 Production, Law Beatz, Joe Joe, Trill Gates and Timmy the Hittman. With Philosopha covering most of the tracks solo, he also collaborated with rappers Mikey Dollaz, Castro, Asa Asa, Nino Punchlines and Grammy Award winning recording artist Really Doe on several of the album’s singles. His singles, “All I Know” and “Work” were released earlier this summer creating a noticeable buzz amongst fans and several hip hop blogs. Known for his edgy street persona, Philosopha’s modern appeal offers listeners more than just catchy hooks and anthems; He works to create music that people can relate to and identify with.

Philosopha just wrapped up an album listening event at Complex 2010 in Chicago that featured an exclusive listening session of the new album and a host of guests, artists and music industry insiders. He’s planning to hit the round on a promo tour this fall in support of his newly released album.

About Philosopha

Chicago is a melting pot for musical talent meshing many different styles and influences. Philosopha embodies the pulse of Chicago by delivering the raw energy and passion that made the Windy City famous Worldwide. Philosopha takes fans on an emotional rollercoaster ride with a high octane stage show, party anthems, and club hits that can get any crowd out of their seats. Giving the listener a unique experience, Philosopha draws comparisons to the street savvy of T.I., the Migo’s edginess, and Andre 3000’s creativity. Philosopha has opened up for some of the industry’s most popular names in Hip Hop.

Twitter: @Philosopha

4PAN1TLos Angeles, CA – Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 – Canadian musician and composer Deane Nesbitt, Jr has announced the release of his upcoming album “Music in Search of a Movie”. The 12-track album highlights a number of all original musical styles and arrangements capturing Deane’s unique approach for fusing rhythm and sound. “Music in Search of a Movie” will debut on Tuesday, September 16th and will be available at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and through Deane’s website,

With music composed by Deane and arranged by Brian Gagnon, “Music in Search of a Movie” features a selection of talented musicians who lend their instrumentation and vocal effects to create a combination of melodic, fun and often very moving tunes. Each track offers more than just a tune to the ear, each carries its own experience through its melody and a variety of live instruments. The opening track, “Once and Forever,” is indicative of Deane’s work, combining a melody that is full of emotion, with instrumentation and vocal effects that build to an epic level. It’s not hard to imagine music like this in film.

One of the album’s most popular pieces, a spine-tingling composition, “Anthem for the Unsung Hero,” incorporates the sound of 20 military drums and 12 pipers and has caught the attention of military groups. Since it was played last November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre at a tribute dinner held by True Patriot Love, the largest military fundraiser in the country, it has been used as a musical score in film and performed live.

Known for creating music regarded as “filmic,” Deane has been recording by ear on piano and other keyboards for over 30 years, often playing in the key of F sharp. Playing by ear for the visually impaired, he found he could teach piano to listeners who were interested, using the raised keys as a type of Braille starting point. His first album,” On the Black Keys and by Ear”, was produced to raise money for the blind.

Earlier in his career, after the debut of his first album, Deane entertained in Europe. Over the course of 4 albums, he’s has had the privilege of entertaining fans at home and aboard. One of his most memorable performances included playing special requests for Hollywood legend Greta Garbo.

Deane’s music is notably melodic and ranges from being quiet and haunting to grand and epic. It is broadcast internationally, has been played at concerts, weddings and other special events, has been used in film and is on iTunes,, and other international Amazons.

More about Deane Nesbitt, Jr

Apart from being a musician and composer, Deane Nesbitt, Jr. is a lawyer, businessman, landscape painter and author of an award-winning history book. He has degrees from McGill University in arts and law and a certificate from the Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program. Copies of his book are habitually traded on and and are on deposit at the National Library of Canada and the Library of Congress. His paintings have sold in art shows and are included in some of his own creative works, including the cover of his illustrated history.

Official website:

Twitter: @DeaneNesbittJr

ChristinaJohnsonLos Angeles, CA - VH1 Atlanta Exes celebrity starlett and entrepreneur Christina Johnson is currently accepting speaking, hosting and appearance engagements for Fall 2014/Spring 2015. The ex-wife of Grammy Award winning mega star Cee-Lo Green, Christina Johnson is known for empowering women through her words of inspiration, her fun and witty fashion sense, trendy hair and overall stylish personality.

For more information on securing her for your event, interviews etc. forward your inquiry to A&M Entertainment: +1 (310) 295-4150

About Atlanta Exes
As the thriving music and entertainment capital of the South, Atlanta provides the ideal backdrop and group of ex-wives for the successful franchise’s extension. The cast, featuring the once significant others of an elite list of A-list men, has no shortage of fabulousness, ambition, love, and drama. “Atlanta Exes” stars Tameka Raymond, who once enjoyed the perks and privileges that come with being married to an international music superstar, and now dedicates much of her time to the charitable foundation she started in memory of her late son Kile, interior designer to the stars Christina Johnson (ex-wife of Cee-Lo Green), and author and businesswoman Monyetta Shaw (ex-fiancé of Ne-Yo), who is busy penning a children’s book series based on the lively personality of her toddler. Also starring are entrepreneur Sheree Buchanan (ex-wife of former pro football player Ray Buchanan), who co-owns a dessert catering company and also has a business that specializes in creating custom bedazzled hookah pipes, and actress, comedian, and producer Torrei Hart (ex-wife of Kevin Hart).

Learn more:

Using Google Plus to Connect with your Audience

August 28, 2014

by Jon Weirman

GooglePlus-banner-1Using Google plus to reach an audience base can take place in many different forms, with the use of communities and the new opportunities it provides to reach them. In many ways it took a little while to catch on, with so many users just using the usual social channels like Facebook to connect and spread their brand around the web. The way that communities work on Google Plus is a little bit different, and there are benefits in the ways that user feedback is created, and your branding message is spread more organically.

It takes some thought and planning, but you can create a community that is relevant to what you’re doing, and then engage in direct conversation. The benefits of platforms like Instagram are many, with users seeing relevant photos and going right to your landing page. With Google Plus, you can use descriptive taglines and discussion categories to have people that are looking for relevant content find you and take part in the topic at hand.

The importance of Organics

If you are sitting still with your website that offers a product waiting for buyer traffic to come right away and save you from the depths of misery, it may not happen right away. When you are creating a forum that encourages discussion, it could take a few days or weeks for people to catch on and pony up to actually buy the product. In your “About” section, you can create content that accurately describes what’s going to happen in the community, and also quickly create a strategy to invite followers. Just like Twitter, adding followers one by one can seem monotonous, but can be the best bet. For example, if your brand is a soccer shoe company or podcast, go to groups that are in the same genre and add followers.

In many ways similar to the strategies used on Myspace, this method can be more effective than buying “batches” or large groups of followers. Posting content that is as relevant as it gets to the topic is always key, and will stoke your followers’ interest. Items like frequently asked questions, tips and tricks, and highlights of keynote events or conferences are always followed quickly by someone who has a keen interest.

Many users who first begin to use Google Plus as another weapon in their arsenal to get their content out get frustrated. Sometimes notifications, new additions to your circle, and the layout itself don’t entice everyone right away. But demographics and research prove that time spent on Google plus will generate traffic to your landing page, an awareness that will help you in the long run, and people who share will frequently find content they really like. What you are really after here are the people that sit back and watch your forum, make a slow decision on how they feel about your brand, and spread your name around to their favorite contacts.

Tips to get more Followers

The hashtag debate is a slippery slope. Yes, if done properly will get some hits via Twitter and the way that everyone is connected. Hashtags play a role in searches that were previously never even put into the formula of how potential consumers find you. Be careful. The trend has spilled over to Facebook in such a sense that users are frivolous. It can definitely land you traffic and glean you users, but things like #awesome and #Idefinitelythoughtso may not work for you in the utmost essence.

There is a trend now where almost everything said or done will validate a hashtag, and the trend can yield results. But spreading your content in the way you want done best is done with just one or two of these in web guru tact. The game as far as Google plus is different. For now, everyone checks their Facebook updates first, and then delves into Twitter and the other activities. But the invaluable element of having your Google plus page set up, ready to go, and also following trending memes will be crucial to your success. When the topics of holidays, shopping, even back to school, or blockbuster movie events take place, you can incorporate them into your Google Plus presence. It’s a hotspot of internet traffic that is a bit different to utilize, but this popular social media angle is absolutely not going anywhere soon.


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