Sun God Festival – New Sponsorship Opportunities

The Sun God Festival is an annual campus festival at The University of California, San Diego. The largest music festival in San Diego, Sun God was established in 1983 and usually takes place on the Friday of the seventh week during in the spring. Increasing in popularity and size, Sun God attracts a sold out crowd of 20,000 attendees each year ranging from culturally diverse students and guest volunteers from surrounding areas. We have several attractive sponsorship packages available for this year’s festival. Read more:

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New Sponsorship Power Toolkit for Event Organizers

Sponsor consulting agency offers “how-to” approach on proposal development and securing sponsors

January 20, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA – A&M Entertainment’s new Sponsorship Power Toolkit is a sponsor-securing tool developed primarily for event producers, industry professionals and business owners. This new toolkit offers professional guidance to assist individuals with sponsorship preparation and presenting the proposal to prospective sponsors.

Sponsorship Power Toolkit highlights the importance of proposal objectives and structure that contribute to the success of sponsorship sales. This toolkit is now available at


With a continual increase of available sponsorship dollars over the past several years, sponsorship is undeniably one of the most powerful forms of securing funds for events. A majority of similar sponsorship products only offer pieces of the puzzle while the Sponsorship Power™ Toolkit Phases gives users access to everything they need in order to create a professional proposal and secure sponsors on their own.

The toolkit is suitable for: Event promoters & planners, Educational Institutions, Sport Teams, Exhibits and Fairs, Racing Teams, Government Agencies, Non-profits, Venue Owners, Labels & Musicians and Other Organizations.

The Sponsorship Power™ Toolkit includes several key documents; Sponsorship Proposal Templates, Sample Sponsorship Letters, Sponsorship Proposal Examples, Sponsorship Agreement, Sponsorship Strategy Guide and Pitching Spreadsheets. Each document is customized to make the process easy to follow for busy event producers and other professionals. “We’ve made some further improvements and have updated our toolkit after receiving valuable feedback from our clients” says managing director Keetria Garner-Chambers.

The toolkit includes proven strategies from A&M’s Sponsorship Experts on How to Develop a Winning Sponsorship Proposal, How to Target Prospective Sponsors and How to Sell Sponsorship Packages. The included strategy guide also gives users a blueprint on how to make their proposal stand out from the rest.

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About A&M Entertainment

A&M Entertainment is an International talent representation, marketing and entertainment group founded in 1997. They have in their years of existence established a unique and strong business network within the entertainment industry representing a diverse roster of event properties, consumer brands, Grammy Award winning artists and multi-platinum selling producers and DJs.

The company offers a wide range of live entertainment, event planning, publicity and sponsorship consulting & development services for national and international clients.

Welcoming Sun God Festival to our Sponsorship Portfolio


We’re happy to welcome Sun God Festival to our sponsorship portfolio. The increasingly popular Sun God Festival is held annually at The University of California, San Diego campus. The festival features a strong line up of chart-topping artists in addition to DJs, indie bands, and art performers. A&M Entertainment will work alongside the Associated Students Concerts & Events office to further develop the festival’s sponsorship program and increase corporate participation.


The festival attracts a large crowd  (20,000 sold out wristbands each year) and is a gem of a sponsorship opportunity now available to a selection of strategic partners.

Please contact us at +1 (310) 295-4150 for a detailed sponsorship proposal, available sponsorship packages and to discuss this exciting opportunity in further detail.

How Sponsorship Seekers Can Benefit From a Sponsorship Consultant

Sponsorship ConsultingWhether you are an artist or entrepreneur that has an product, idea, or website to promote, a sponsorship consultant is someone who can help take your product, assist with the branding and figure out where to best have it appear. And this is just the beginning as a consultant will offer you valuable advice, and provide demographic research. Once the demographic research has been determined it taps into statistics, and results will show exactly which people in your area or sphere of influence have purchased similar products or services in the past. This can give you great insight as far as who to target as potential sponsors and offer valuable details for inclusion in your sponsorship proposal.

If you are a looking to secure sponsors, it is always best to first review your current material. Compare your deck and sponsorship levels with competitors and be critical of your own so you can determine any areas of improvement. You may have competent personnel on staff to make the adjustments or you can reach out to a sponsorship consultant for assistance. A professional consultant will note both the positive aspects of what you already and what could be changed.

Consider partnering up with someone and participate in exclusive happenings such as red carpet events in LA, Miami, New York, Vegas, and beyond. These opportunities present great exposure for the sponsors with multitudes of ways to gets their name out. You can take advantage of press release, tv/radio and print ads, list sponsors and parking a sponsor’s brand in front of consumers who are influenced by this kind of active marketing. Also, sponsors are listed on websites and event programs. This is great promotion as the sponsor’s logo or products will register in the buyer’s subconscious after an event is over.

Sometimes red carpet events carry the misconception that high-end lifestyle companies and the like are the usual players; there are plenty of them around but no matter what brainchild you have dreamt up, don’t be afraid to pitch consumer brands; There could be a positive place for it in red carpet sponsorship. When you are putting together sponsorship levels remember to add extra value to the sponsors involved. Think outside of the box and suggest fun sweepstakes, ticket/product giveaways, gift bags with samples, etc. If the consumer likes the product they will remember and give the sponsors valuable ROI in the future.

Big events such as NBA All Star Weekend, Rehab at the Pool in Vegas, and Spaghetti Fests need extra sparkles of glitter, continuity, and artist performances or celebrity appearances to stand out. Once those finishing touches are applied, an event can really provide a positive memorable experience for its attendees. Projects seeking sponsorship are in a highly competitive market and should pay extra attention to how they can stand out and gain the attention of a prospective sponsor.

Just another fresh touch or informational tweak by a sponsorship consultant can land you out of the red and into the operating zone. Once you let a sponsorship consultant take the wheel, the guidance you’ll receive in these pivotal times can be the last step needed, until the sun shines gracefully on your endeavor, with all its rewards.

How Sponsors Can Help Leverage Your Business

Most people look at event sponsorship as a way to get money for their event. And while it’s great to have funding from a reputable sponsor, it’s even greater to set your goals on developing a long-lasting relationship with them. Not only is a sponsor helpful when you’re looking to create that initial buzz factor but they’re great for leveraging a business.

Here are some ways to maximize your sponsors involvement:

Establish credibility

Connecting with a well-known sponsor will not only align you with a familiar brand but also give a business the opportunity to lay its foundation. For new businesses and events this is the perfect time to showcase your 5 Ws (who, what, why, when and where). If the sponsor has given you a chance then its likely that your audience will to – don’t blow it. Make sure to make a favorable first impression.

Welcome the possibility of a long-term relationship

After you’ve shown them what you’re capable of with your first event, chances are they’ll be receptive to your future endeavors as well. It’s important to focus on all the things you’ve offered your sponsors and make sure you’re fulfilling all obligations. Throwing in extras to make the experience more memorable for them is a nice gesture to showcase your appreciation.

‘Sell’ to the sponsors audience as well

If you’re new to this, you may not even have an audience yet but you at least have a target audience in mind. Try aligning your company with sponsors who are likely to appeal to the same demographic. Most well known brands carry loyal consumer audiences who are receptive to their products, messages and events. If your event is aligned with this type of brand, you’re likely to have access to their following and when you do – sell to them.

Reduce your overhead

This one is simple. You pretty much lower the cost of upfront fees associated with producing an event – the sponsors absorbs them. You should be able to support your event budget significantly when using the right approach.

Bridge the gap between your event and the audience

This is similar to the earlier mention of sell to the audience except this is not focused on selling but more of an introductory approach. Once aligned with a reputable sponsor take advantage of chances to introducing yourself to their audience.

Getting sponsorship dollars is just one side of the coin. Sponsors should be treated as business partners and their money as personal investments. Not only are they investing in your event but they’re also investing in you, so you want to be sure of giving them the highest return, which is a successful event with opportunity for more. As with any relationship it must be satisfactorily maintained. Long after they’ve written the check you’ll be happy to know that keeping them involved in ways that create visibility for their brands is also ideal.

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A&M Entertainment – Service Overview

A&M Entertainment offers a variety of professional services from celebrity talent representation to marketing, public relations, event management, and sponsorship consuling services. We offer a wide range of services for brands and entertainment properties. We provide our clients the opportunity to reduce their to-do list by enlisting us to handle our areas of expertise.

Our capabilities presentation provides a brief overview of our services, previous work and selected clients. Contact us to discuss how we can best assist your upcoming projects +1 (310) 295-4150 or request a service quote here.

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