Apple introduces the iPhone 4s

Today Apple announced the highly anticipated iPhone 4s to a crowd of invited journalists at their Cupertino headquarters. It was the first major product unveiling for CEO Tim Cook, who took the reins of the company more than a month ago following the resignation of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

The new iPhone will be available for pre-sale online on Oct 7th and be available in stores on Oct 14th, 2011.

The new dual-core A5 chip delivers even more power than before. The 8MP camera with all-new optics also shoots 1080p HD video. And with Siri, the new virtual assistant the iPhone 4S does what you ask. The new iPhone 4s will also run Apple’s new iOS 5 software, which eliminates the need to have to sync devices. The software becomes available on Oct. 12.

To lear more about the new iPhone 4S and it’s features visist: