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September 4, 2012

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Eventric provides various software and online services for artists in the entertainment industry. The company’s mission is “to make the live entertainment world a more efficient industry, making shows  more  profitable for the creators and performers”.

Launching in 2000 as a Production Consultant Guild, Eventric released The Master Tour Database, which quickly contributed to a professional yet simplistic way of touring. The Master Tour Database provides organization with every component of a tour, such as scheduling, contacts, vendors, venue information and event mangement, just to name a few. The database has aided various acts such as The Dave Matthews Band, The Black Eyed Peas, Green Day as well as other entertainers.

In 2008, Eventric created and launched, Live Access, a web based application system for individuals requesting, and  purchasing tickets to attend live events. Live Marketplace is a component of Live Access which provides Access Passes, Itineraries, Tickets, and Labels.

Eventric is an impressive company who has proven the cliché “work smart not hard” is very much possible, while continuing to maintain quality and excellence. Visit their website for further information:

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