A&M Entertainment Launches Sponsorship Power Toolkit

New service offers “how to” approach on proposal development and securing sponsors

Entertainment & Marketing Group A&M Entertainment is rolling out a new product geared toward helping event producers, industry professionals and business owners write and present sponsorship proposals to prospective sponsors. Sponsorship Power Toolkit helps fill in the gaps of do-it-yourself sponsorship marketing and is now available at www.amentertainment.com/products.

With a steady increase of sponsorship marketing over the past several years, sponsorship is undeniably one of the most powerful forms of marketing. While other sponsorship products only offer proposal templates and sample layouts the Sponsorship Power™ Toolkit gives users access to everything they need in order to create a professional proposal and secure sponsors their own.

sponsorship_power_newThis toolkit is suitable for

– Event promoters & planners
– Educational Institutions
– Exhibits and Fairs
– Government Agencies
– Non-profits
– Venue Owners
– Labels & Musicians
– Athletic Teams
– Other Organizations

The Sponsorship Power™ Toolkit includes several key documents; Proposal Outline, Sample Letters, Sponsorship Strategy Guide and a Sponsorship Agreement. Each document is customized to make the process easy to follow for busy event producers and other professionals. “After years of providing assistance to global brands we worked hard to develop a resourceful product that we can stand behind,” says Managing Director Keetria Garner-Chambers.

The toolkit includes proven strategies from A&M’s Sponsorship Experts on How to Develop a Winning Sponsorship Proposal, How to Target Prospective Sponsors and How to Sell Sponsorship Packages. The included strategy guide also gives users a blueprint on how to make their proposal stand out from the rest.

For more information on the Sponsorship Power Toolkit and other A&M products, click here.

About A&M Entertainment

A&M Entertainment is an International talent representation, marketing and entertainment group founded in 1997.  They have in their years of existence established a unique and strong business network within the entertainment industry representing a diverse roster of event properties, consumer brands, Grammy Award winning artists and multi-platinum selling producers and DJs.

The company offers a wide range of live entertainment, event planning, publicity and sponsorship consulting & development services for national and international clients.

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